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Area bank customers receive fraudulent calls
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Area banks have been inundated with phone calls from customers saying they have received calls or texts on their cell phones from an unknown number stating that they wouldn’t be able to use their debit cards until further notice. There was also a link that said they could enter their account info and it would give them more information.
 “Some of our customers have given out information so debit cards and accounts have been closed, said Lynda Jamison, Sunflower Bank market manager.  “I called around and found out other banks are getting the same calls so it’s not limited to just one bank.”
If customers  “are solicited for account or personal information, hang up and call their bank,” said Jamison. “The bank already has their information so wouldn’t be calling them for it.  The only time a bank will ask for personal information is if the customer calls the bank.  The bank will ask the questions only to confirm the account holder is the person calling.”
The number showing on caller ID is 678-392-4442 and displays Georgia U.S.  
“We’ve called the number and got a voice mail for Sherry Stewart one time and an automated voice mail with a strange accent another time,” said Jamison.  “The third time we called we actually got a hold of Sherry Stewart.  She said she has been getting calls from people all day saying they received a phone call from her.   
“However the number we and the others called is not her number,” Jamison said. So the fraudsters must have some how routed their number to her.
“It’s crazy but just be on the alert and be prepared to close accounts,” she said. .  “We believe the same fraudsters hit the Hays area a few weeks ago as our Hays branch received about 300 calls from concerned customers receiving the same type of calls.  It seems the fraudsters hit a community fast, pull out and then head to the next one.”