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Barton extends presidents contract
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Dr. Carl Heilman’s contract as president of Barton Community College was extended by one year, to June of 2014, at Thursday’s BCC Board of Trustees meeting.

The board discussed personnel in executive session for 25 minutes, before approving motions on several contracts — for faculty, head coaches, management staff and the vice president and deans.

The faculty contract renewals included 56 tenured instructors, 11 who are now on track for tenure, and four who are eligible to be granted tenure with their next contract offering. The tenure-eligible faculty are Wynn Butler, Carol Crockett, Cristi Gale and Deanna Stevens.

Five faculty contracts were not renewed. Susan Bowles, listed on the BCC website as a nursing instructor, had her position eliminated. John Simmons, life sciences instructor, has resigned. Three non-renewals were due to position changes: Dana Allison, graphics design instructor; Lindsay Holmes, Hazardous Materials Management instructor/coordinator; and Joel Lundstrom, an instructor at Fort Riley (his contract as Associate Dean of Distance Learning was renewed).

Management or administrative positions that are currently open at the college include head women’s soccer coach, previously held by Bryan Sailer; and director of Learning Resources, previously held by Mary Hester.

The contract for Dr. Penny Quinn, vice president of instruction and student services, was renewed, along with contracts for all seven deans.

The trustees also approved a consent agenda, comprised primarily of items previously discussed at board study sessions. This included board minutes; changing the name of the MICT (Mobile Intensive Care Technician) program, which now becomes a paramedic program; alignment of the automotive program and the corrections program with Kansas Board of Regents requirements; adopting the Barton County Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan; hiring Terri Mebane as director of military programs for the college at the Fort Riley area; and approving a grant application for approximately $118,000 from the Kansas Board of Regents, for compliance with the Adult Education & Family Literacy Act. If awarded, the grant would continue to help fund salaries at the Adult Education Center for its director, math instructor, language arts instructor, outreach instructor, citizenship instructor and data specialist, and would add a new part-time instructor.

There was also a report on workplace preparedness of students, and the board learned more about Barton’s criminal justice program. Randy Smith, coordinator and instructor of the criminal justice program, introduced guests from area law enforcement: Barton County Sheriff Greg Armstrong, Pawnee County Sheriff Scott King; Bruce Mellor, special agent for the Great Bend region of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation; and Kent Schmidt, coordinator of training for the Kansas Department of Corrections at the Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility.