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Holy Family School presents Christmas musical
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"Have we got a camel for you!" sing Holy Family students performing in the musical "Camel Lot." The public can watch the schools musical and hear other music by students in grades K-6 during the Holy Family School Christmas Concert, starting at 7 tonight at the Prince of Peace Parish Center, 4100 Broadway Ave. - photo by Susan Thacker/Great Bend Tribune






Things can get mixed up in dreamland, and that’s how a modern auto sales lot turns up in Bethlehem — and travels more than 2,000 years back in time — for Holy Family School’s annual Christmas musical, "Camel Lot."

The musical by fifth and sixth graders is part of the school Christmas concert featuring music by students in grades K through 6. The program starts at 7 tonight at the Prince of Peace Parish Center, 4100 Broadway Ave., and it’s open to the public.

Connie Schneweis directs the musical, with help from Angie Fry, Megan Murphy and Shannon Sommers.

Students are anxiously awaiting the presentation, Schneweis said Wednesday during the final rehearsal.

"Camel Lot" starts in the present, where the owner of the Auto Lot is challenged to get his priorities in order. His daughter has been learning her lines for the church Christmas pageant, but Dad is too busy selling cars to go. Then his daughter has a dream about selling camels in Bethlehem on the day Baby Jesus was born. (The Camel Lot sells new, used, one-hump and two-hump camels in the latest styles.)

There’s plenty of playful wordplay woven into the Nativity story, as shepherds and wise men, camel buyers and sales people stop by the Camel Lot, and the true meaning of the coming of the Messiah is shared during the play. Reviewers note the music is cool and the story is funny but has a Biblically rock-solid message.