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City spring projects move forward
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It’s spring time, the Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and that can only mean that outdoor projects are on the move, whether it’s around the house or around the town. City Administrator Howard Partington noted this week that projects are evident around Great Bend. Unfortunately not all of them are going as expected.
Partington, reporting to the Great Bend City Council Monday night, explained that Venture Corp. has completed its work on the asphalt overlay for this year’s KLINK program.
Now the areas that have new asphalt need to be striped so motorists can see lane markings and more. But that is what isn’t going well, the city administrator said. “They’ve done a poor job,” he said about the firm that has the striping contract. “I’m very unhappy with the job they’ve done on the striping.”
He added that much of it will have to be done before the city will accept the project.
Work is also continuing at the sports complex and in the past couple of weeks that has included:
• Installation of sinks and toilets in the restrooms.
• Installation of lockers and cabinets.
• Work on the metal roof on the restroom and concessions building.
• Masonry units completed on the exterior shells of the press box.
• Work on sidewalks.
Other recent city projects have included the purchase of 500 tons of cold mix asphalt for city street patching; cleaning of Lischesky Ditch to help combat mosquitoes; and the placement of mosquito “toss-its” around the sports complex and at Veterans’ Park.