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County appraisals of property recently mailed
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Barton County residents will soon be seeing the county appraisals on their property value as of Jan. 1. The appraisals are done based on the fair market value.
The actual property tax amount will be decided in October, adjusted by the mill levy assessment. The mill levy assessment will be decided by taxing entities in the county, which will determine the amount of taxes.
County Appraiser Barbara Konrade said that while a trend study had been done, a few areas were up and some were the same in value in Barton County. The good news is that there were no negative trends.
“We’re seeing a stable market,” said Konrade. “Some commercial property is the same or up. Other markets are not as stable.”
Residents have 30 days for an informal appeal of the value. Konrade encourages people to come in to the Appraiser’s Office with questions about values.
“The nice thing about the informal process is that we can sit down and go over the appraisal,” said Konrade. “Our office is always an open door.”
According to a brochure from the appraiser’s office, they recommend requesting an inventory contents sheet prior to the appeal. The contents sheet will show the number of bedrooms, baths and square footage. The county can also provide a comparable sales sheet of similar homes.
If residents still disagree after the informal hearing, a small claims hearing officer appointed by the regular division of the Courts of Tax Appeals will hold a hearing. The hearing will be held in Barton County or an adjacent county where both the appraiser’s office and the resident will each present documentation that supports their opinion.
If a resident still disagrees, one of three judges from the regular division of the Court of tax Appeals will hear the case. The hearing may be held in Topeka or a city in the area. Exhibits will be exchanged and witnesses called, according to the brochure.
Konrade encourages people who are confused or disagree with the value to come in right away. “The best time to appeal is now,” she said.