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County approves fund transfers for 2012
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Important Barton County funds are in healthier condition, thanks to fund transfers that were approved this past week.
Financial Officer Janet Crane explained to the Barton County Commission that a total of $278,000 would be transferred into the 2012 funds under the resolution that the commissioners adopted.
That included money transferred into equipment replacement funds and capital improvement funds.
In the equipment funds, there was $50,000 transferred into the Noxious Weed fund, bringing its total to $232,135.12; $10,000 into the Health Fund, bringing its total to $186,263.23; $160,000 into the Road and Bridge Fund, bringing its total to $307,767.40.
Crane reported the Equipment Replacement Fund also include $1,840,568.68 in the General Fund; and $5,000 in the Cemetery Fund.
The new total in the Equipment Replacement Fund following the transfers was $2,571,734.43.
In the Capital Improvement Fund, the following transfers were approved: $28,000 in the Health Fund, bringing it to $247,238.90; $20,000 in the Road and Bridge Fund, bringing it to $100,104.14; and $10,000 in the Cemetery Fund, bringing it to $55,685.53.
The Capital Improvement Fund also includes $1,337,738.96 in the General Fund; and $65,461.97 in the Noxious Weed Fund. The new total in the county’s Capital Improvement Fund was $1,806,229.50 after the transfers.
Crane explained: “It was recommended that no General Fund transfers be made to either the Equipment Replacement or Capital Improvement funds due to sufficient General Fund cash comprising the balance in each of the respective reserve funds.
“This also positions the county to better anticipate General Fund budget needs for 2012 and 2013 due to the uncertain economic climate.”
Also this past week, the commissioners approved reappointments to the Health Advisory Board, including Dr. William King, Dr. Mike Malone, Krista Smith and Teddy Williamson.