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County approves funding for First Step Recycling
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Sunflower Diversified’s First Step Recycling Project received approval for all $11,400 in county funding, the Barton County Commission decided this week.
Landfill Manager Mark Witt noted the money comes from the 2011 Solid Waste Fund, as it helps to keep waste out of the landfill.
Commissioner John Edmonds suggested that this request see the same 5 percent cut that other outside fund projects saw this year. That would have dropped the amount to $10,830.
However his motion to that effect died for lack of a second.
The motion to approve the original amount was unanimously approved.
The recycling project, it was noted, accepts recycling items at 1010 Hubbard, in Great Bend, but it also has regular pickups from businesses and at other locations.
According to information from the Sunflower Diversified Internet site, the operating hours for the recycling program are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mondays through Friday; and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.
“Our award-winning recycling operation sets the standard for central and western Kansas recyclers and provides a variety of employment opportunities. We offer regular pickups from area counties and businesses, as well as a convenient drop-off location in Great Bend for residential customers,” the web site notes.
Items that are accepted at the recycling site include a variety of office paper products, computer paper, construction paper, non-foil gift wrap, egg cartons, paper tubes, phone books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, rechargeable batteries, plastic pop, juice and milk bottles, aluminum cans, pie plates, clean foil and other types of aluminum, clean glass jars, books, plastic and paper grocery bags, and more.
This is only one of the recycling efforts the county landfill participates in.
It also has an active effort to remove electronics from the waste, as well as bicycles, recyclable materials, chemicals and much more.
The solid waste fund is derived from dumping fees at the local landfill and does not utilize any tax dollars.