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County can handle most vehicle requests
Not all of new computer system up and running
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When asked if the new motor vehicle computer system was up and running after the recent computer upgrade, Barton County Treasurer Kevin Wondra gave a mixed response.
“Yes and no,” he said.
From Tuesday, May 2, through this Monday, more than 6.8 million records were converted to the new system while state and county offices closed out of the old computer system, installed new computer equipment and prepared to serve customers again.
This week, state and county offices are back open for business in the modernized system. Well, for the most part.
Even though his office staff is still learning the new system and are a little slower than usual, it can handle tag renewals. But, the portion of the upgrade that deals with titles isn’t working. “We are waiting for an OK from the state.”
The deadline for the second half of property taxes is looming and this task is keeping Wondra’s office hopping. So, he advises vehicle customers to call before coming to the courthouse. They’ve had to turn some people away.
During the upgrade, the Treasurer’s Office remained open to the public and able to do all tax work, but didn’t handled vehicle business. However, the drivers license office was completely closed.
The drivers licence office is now up and running, Wondra said.
“While some in our state’s largest counties are experiencing delays as employees get more comfortable with the new system and we assist more customers than usual following the system conversion, we are successfully processing thousands of transactions each day,” Director of Vehicles Donna Shelite said. “We promise to get caught up as quickly as we possibly can, and we sincerely appreciate the understanding shown by the vast majority of our customers.”
Shelite said the new computer system replaced three 30-plus-year-old mainframe systems used for driver licensing, motor vehicle titling and registration, and inventory management with a single, more easily operated system.
“This switch to 21st-century technology will allow the state, and the county treasurers who are our valued partners in vehicle registration, to deliver services to the people of Kansas more effectively,” she said. “Our ultimate goal is improved customer service and efficiency, and we greatly appreciate our customers’ cooperation in planning ahead as we make this important transition.”
Shelite also encouraged citizens to be aware of two additional options for renewing vehicles: Webtags ( and renewal by mail through county treasurers’ offices. Both options offer great convenience and save customers time standing in line.
For more information, contact Wondra’s office at 620-793-1831 or at