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County crews stay busy with construction
2012 will be an active year
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A project to improve drainage in an area north of Great Bend is moving forward and should be completed in the coming year, according to a recent report from County Engineer Clark Rusco.
It’s part of a long-standing effort to solve drainage problems near what used to be Lake Barton, Rusco reported.
He explained that he has “attended several meetings with state and federal regulators concerning the installation of a 24-inch corrugated metal pipe installation thru the township road south of Barton Lake. 
“At times the township road will back up enough water to be classified as a dam (this occurred in 2007). 
“The Division of Water Resources has classified the township road as a high hazard dam like the Barton Lake Dam. 
“The installation of a pipe through the dam will lower the depth of the water and also decrease the surface area of the water. The hydraulics for this project were presented to the Division of Water Resources. 
“The Division of Water Resources will determine if these measures will eliminate any classification of the road as a dam,” the county engineer reported.
He said it’s hoped the project will continue moving forward in the coming months. “Permit requirements and environmental review requirements are currently being reviewed by the Division of Water Resources. This project started in 2007 and hopefully will be concluded in 2012.”
This year has also been a busy one for road construction in Barton County, Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips reported.
Projects for 2011 included:
• Installation or repairs on 150 culvert structures.
• 35 miles of asphalt road was overlaid or strip patched.
• 200 miles of roads were asphalt pot hole and hand patched.
• 954 signs were replaced with new signs.
• Approximately 950 signs were repaired.
• The bridge crew worked on 75 bridge structures. In addition the team cleaned out 120 bridge structures of trees, brush and debris.
• The crews sand sealed 120 miles of asphalt roads in eastern Barton County.
• Asphalt oil used for sand seals equaled 397,839.45 gallons at $2 gallon, for a total cost of $795,678.90
• Asphalt mixed by county staff and contractor equalled 28,500 tons of asphalt, which required using 455,452 gallons of oil at $2.10 per gallon for a total cost of $956,449.20.
• Paint stripping center and edge lines was completed on 140 miles of asphalt roads.
• Pumped 30,330 of sand at the South Washington Sandpit.
• Placed 270 Kansas One Call Dig Safe Locates for various projects related to bridge work, sign replacement, culvert work and ditch clean out.