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County works to grow and recycle
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Barton County will continue to support economical development efforts performed by Great Plains Development, the Barton County Commission decided this week.
GPD Executive Director Patty Richardson and Associate Director Bob Wetmore met with the commissioners to discuss the county’s membership dues from 2009 and 2010.
The commissioners, after discussion and a presentation by Richardson, approved paying $5,492.80 in dues for each year.
Richardson explained that GPD continues to help businesses in the county, and in the cities in it, in the application for Small Business Administration loan applications, Community Development Block Grant writing and with the economic development loan programs.
The county continues to help move forward economic development through those programs, it was noted.
Barton County officials also continue to encourage an active recycling program, and that continues during the gift-giving season as well, according to Solid Waste Manager Mark Witt.
He noted that during the Christmas season, as many households will be receiving new electronic equipment, it is important that all efforts are put forth to make sure that the old equipment does not end up in the “waste stream.”
Witt noted that recycling is a vital part of what the solid waste staff undertake. “The Solid Waste Department has been busy with facility recycling and waste diversion programs which include E-waste (electronics), mattress, metal and tire recycling,” Witt reported. 
He added that it is important for county residents to “bring out old electronics when replaced with new ones and dispose of them free of charge.  By keeping these items out of the waste stream, we can do our part to protect the environment.”
The e-waste program will accept computers, televisions, stereos, telephones and all sorts of other electronic equipment,