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Decorating safely can save the holiday
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There are all sorts of ways to get ready for winter, according to safety experts.
On of them is getting ready for safe celebrations in this festive opening to the winter season.
And that includes using some sense in decorating.
According to information from Safe Kids Kansas, a state agency dedicated to keeping children safe in Kansas homes, it’s important to pay attention when decorating.
As has been the case for years, one of the more dangerous aspects of decorating — from Halloween on, really — is the open flame of candles.
According to information from the National Fire Protection Association, candles continue to be one of the most common causes of home fires.
But decorative lighting is also a culprit.
Some of the safety tips from Safe Kids Kansas include:
• Never leave a lit Christmas tree or other decorative lighting display unattended.
• Inspect lights for exposed or frayed wires, loose connections and broken sockets. Do not overload extension cords or outlets and do not run an electrical cord under a rug.
• Natural Christmas trees always involve some risk of fire. To minimize the risk, get a fresh tree and keep it watered at all times.
• Do not put the tree within three feet of a fireplace, space heater, radiator or heat vent. LED lights burn cooler than incandescent lights and pose a lower risk of fire.
• Decorate with children in mind. Do not put ornaments that have small parts or metal hooks, or look like food or candy, on the lower branches where small children can reach them.
• Trim protruding branches at or below a child’s eye level, and keep lights out of reach.
• Do not burn Christmas tree branches, treated wood or wrapping paper in a home fireplace.