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First household hazardous waste collection set
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  The first scheduled household hazardous waste collection of 2015 will be held April 18 at the Barton County Landfill, said Solid Waste Director Phil Hathcock. The collection will take place from 8 a.m. until noon. 

Household hazardous waste includes:

• Household / cleaning products  

• Abrasive cleaners  / powders 

• Bleach cleaners 

• Disinfectants 

• Floor & furniture cleaners 

• Household batteries (lithium and rechargeable)** 

• Mothballs 

• Oven cleaners 

• Photographic chemicals 

• Pool chemicals 

• Rug & upholstery cleaners 

• Toilet cleaners 

**Alkaline batteries can be put in with regular household trash.

• Paint / finishing products

• Enamel or oil based paints 

• Latex or water based paints 

• Thinners and turpentine 

• Furniture strippers 

• Wood preservatives 

• Stains / finishes

Automotive products

• Antifreeze 

• Transmission fluids 

• Brake fluids 

• Waste oils 

• Batteries 

• Fuels

Garden/pest control products  

• Pesticides, insecticides 

• Fungicides 

• Herbicides 

• Arsenicals (contain lead arsenic) 

• Botanicals (made of plants) 

• Carbamate

• Chlorinated hydrocarbons 

• Organo-phosphates 

• Roach and ant killers 

• Rat and mice poisons

• Flea collars and sprays

What not to bring

• Commercial / business waste 

• Infectious waste 

• Radioactive waste 

• Laboratory chemicals 

• Asbestos 

• Explosives

• Empty or Dry Containers**  

**Dried out and empty containers can be disposed of with your regular trash.   

Visit for more information. 

This is a free service to Barton County residents. Anyone with questions regarding recycling, household hazardous waste or regular household waste, call the Landfill at 620-793-1898.