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Fischers to spearhead BCC Foundations Give Where You Live campaign effort
new slt BCC giving campaign
Gregg and Leann Fischer, campaign cochairs of Barton Community Colleges Give Where You Live campaign, are pictured at home. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Local residents and longtime supporters of Barton Community College Gregg and Leann Fischer will help the Barton Foundation kick-off the Academic Enrichment Fund Campaign on Thursday, March 1, as honorary cochairs for the fundraising effort. The month-long annual campaign raises money for academic scholarships for Barton students and programs.

"We are honored to be chosen as the cochairs, and we are hopeful that we will be able to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign this year," Gregg said. "We’ve lived here all our lives and understand the community and the value the college has for the community. We have really been able to see the importance of what Barton can provide for a lot of families over the years."

Director of the Barton Foundation Darnell Holopirek said the goal for this year is $35,000.

"We feel this goal is very reachable," she said. "I like to remind people that you don’t have to give a huge chunk of money and that every little bit adds up and helps."

Lifetime residents of the area, Gregg and Leann have two daughters, Stacey and Nicole, both of whom utilized Barton’s offerings as high school students.

"The classes they took in high school through Barton really helped give them a head start at Kansas State," Gregg said. "It’s just one example of how Barton positively impacts those within our local communities."

Gregg, a former chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, sees his role as a cochair as a chance to raise awareness for the college and show people just how many opportunities are available at Barton.

"There is more at Barton than most people realize," he said. "A lot of people that have lived here all their lives have never really seen how much Barton has progressed. Sometimes the things that are right in your backyard you know less about than certain things that are far away."

Gregg said although times are tough financially, acts of generosity and donations are still possible if everyone works together.

"As people go through life, at some point it’s likely that they will hit some kind of economic downturn, but usually it doesn’t hit everybody equally at the same time," he said. "If you give when you can, and others give when they can and maybe you cannot, it tends to balance out."

The campaign runs March 1-31 and donors will have the opportunity to designate the area to which their funds are allotted. For more information about the AEF campaign or questions about donating contact Coordinator of Fundraising and Special Events Coleen Cape at or 620-786-1136.