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Hoisington extends pound contract to Mitchell
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Hoisington Veterinary Hospital will continue to provide the city with municipal pound services. The hospital will host a Hoisington Chamber Coffee, open house, and a barbeque lunch when it celebrates its grand re-opening Thursday. Linday Mitchell, D.V.M. is the new owner. - photo by VERONICA COONS, Great Bend Tribune

The Hoisington City Council will continue to contract with Lindsay Mitchell, D.V.M. and Hoisington Veterinary Hospital for municipal pound services.  During the discussion, City Manager Jonathan Mitchell removed himself due to a perceived conflict of interest.  
The current contract ends June 30, and Mitchell provided the council with a new fees list with her bid to continue the contract.  The council approved the fees, some of which had actually decreased.  
Beginning July 1, every male cat at large that is picked up and brought to the pound will be neutered and an ear clipped before it is released.   At the March 23 meeting, a patron suggested this measure, stating other communities that have a catch and release program have had good results.  It costs less for a veterinarian to perform the simple surgery than to euthanize and bury the animal.    Female cats, however, require more invasive surgery and there would be no cost savings in spaying them.  
It was suggested by releasing the cats, they would continue to help keep down the population of rats, mice, and other pest animals, but the population of feral cats could better be kept in check.  A noticeable difference in the population could be seen in about a year.
Mitchell’s was the only proposal the council received.  Council member Jim Sekavec stated it made the most sense to continue working with Hoisington Veterinary Hospital, as the city did not want to go back to operating its own pound.  
Mitchell addressed the council, thanking them for the opportunity to continue to serve Hoisington, and invited the council to attend the hospital’s grand re-opening Thursday morning.