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Hoisington Labor Day Princess coronated
new kl winner
Tricia Leanne Schremmer was the winner of the Labor Day princess contest in Hoisington. She is the daughter of Tyler and Renita Schremmer. - photo by KAREN LA PIERRE

HOISINGTON — Dressed in all of their finery, eight Hoisington Labor Day princess contestants laughed, waved and enjoyed the audience on Saturday as a part of the 115th annual Hoisington Labor Day celebration.

The theme of the contest was, "Theres no place like home," and the stage reflected that them with the Tin Man, Scarecrow and a balloon Dorothy complete with red shoes all on stage.

The winner of the princess contest was Tricia Leanne Schremmer, the daughter of Tyler and Renita Schremmer. She will receive a $100 cash, a $100 cash bond, and a memento.

The second place runner up was Sienna Hayden Smith, the daughter of Cherise Mariche and Justin Smith and the first runner up was Maycee Raelyn Parr, the daughter of /Eric and Reagan Parr.

The criteria for choosing the winners were a photo, cash contributions, stage presence and appearance.

The winner of the Labor Day baby girl contest was Skylar Ann Tammen the daughter of Travis and Christina Tammen, and the winner of the baby boy contest was Zeppelin Stonewall Zimmerman, the son of Ryan Zimmerman and Shira Ryan.

The judges for the contest were Kathy Bahe, Missy Pflughoeft and Jane Steinert.