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Important new addition to museum collection
Butch Fry, a long time racer and board member of the SRCA, donated this jacket and certificate to the permanent collection at the Barton County Historical Society Museum Saturday. He learned of the museums desire for racing related artifacts while participating in the Rolling Sculpture car show at the museum that day. - photo by VERONICA COONS, Great Bend Tribune

SRCA board member Butch Fry made an important donation to the Barton County Historical Society Museum Saturday afternoon.  He presented his SRCA 1964 Record Holder jacket.
And in 1965, Fry was part of a team made up of himself, Emil Scherlacker and Bob Ward who set an acceleration record with the American Hot Rod Association which has never been broken.  On June 6, 1965, their car, a class F1 A/MP, travelled 1/4 mile in 14.28 seconds, at a speed of 94.63 mph.  He presented the Certificate of Achievement, signed by the president of the American Hot Rod Association to the museum also.
The record still stands, he said.  Because AHRA has since folded, it technically will never be broken.  If it has been broken, Fry hasn’t heard about it yet, he said.  
Mechanical ability and a desire to go fast is what attracted Fry to racing in the first place.
He’s been racing at the SRCA drag strip since 1964, a year after he graduated from high school.  Nowadays, its not just kids out there with cigarettes rolled up in their T-shirts.  Today, racers have invested upwards of $100,000 in cars and equipment, and treat it like an investment.    
Fry, a long time board member of the SRCA, has raced dragsters, roadsters, and several other cars.  Today, he races a white 1963 Nova supersport.   
“Only because of this show today did we realize this would be a good place for these artifacts,” Mrs. Fry said.  “Family members don’t have an interest in it, and at least we can share it.”