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June report shows jobless rate up a tick
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Non-seasonally adjusted unemployment numbers for surrounding counties:
June 2014 (statewide 4.9 percent)
Ellsworth County – 2.8
Pawnee County – 4.2
Rice County – 3.6
Rush County – 4.0
Russell County – 3.9
Stafford County – 4.0

May 2014 (statewide 4.8 percent)
Ellsworth County – 3.0
Pawnee County – 4.1
Rice County – 3.2
Rush County – 4.1
Russell County – 3.7
Stafford County – 3.9

June 2013 (statewide 5.8 percent)
Ellsworth County – 3.4
Pawnee County – 4.7
Rice County – 4.5
Rush County – 4.6
Russell County – 4.4
Stafford County – 4.8

TOPEKA – The State’s June seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.9 percent, up from 4.8 percent in May and down from 5.6 percent in June 2013.
 Kansas gained 15,000 seasonally adjusted private sector jobs, an increase of 1.3 percent since last year, and 18,400 nonfarm jobs, also a 1.3 percent increase. Since last month, Kansas gained 700 seasonally adjusted private sector jobs, a 0.1 percent increase. The state added 500 seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs, with no significant percent change.
Barton County came in at 3.4 percent, compared to 3.2 last month and 3.8 percent in June 2013.

 “With another month of private sector job growth, Kansas continues its comeback from the recession, having now added more than 55,000 private sector jobs since January 2011,” said Secretary of Labor, Lana Gordon.
 Not seasonally adjusted figures show Kansas gained 15,200 private sector jobs since last year, or 1.4 percent, and 16,700 nonfarm jobs, an increase of 1.2 percent. Since May, Kansas gained 8,600 private sector jobs, a 0.8 percent increase, and lost 2,400 nonfarm jobs, a 0.2 percent decline.
 The not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 5.1 percent, up from 4.6 percent in May and down from 5.7 percent last year.
“Kansas recorded a slight increase in the labor force, adjusting for seasonal effects,” said Efua Afful, Labor economist. “This indicates continued confidence that the economy will provide opportunities for employment.”
There were 9,844 initial claims for unemployment benefits in June 2014, down from 12,518 in May and down from 13,284 last year. There were 87,190 continued claims in June, up from 76,255 the previous month and down from 106,824 in June 2013. These numbers include all available programs.
The July Labor Report will be released on Monday, Aug. 18. This release date is on a Monday and both the initial labor report and county numbers will be released on the same day.