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Kansans for Life to join Respect Sunday
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Barton County Kansans for Life plan to carry signs in sight of west 10th St. next Sunday afternoon, as a reminder of their stance against abortion.

The first Sunday in October is known as Respect for Life Sunday to many pro-life proponents, and similar events are planned across the country, said JoAn Dooan, one of the local coordinators. Anyone who wants to carry a sign "taking a stand for life" is welcome to join the Barton County group in the parking lot of the Credit Union of America, 4708 West 10th St. They plan to quietly and prayerfully hold signs along 10th Street from 2-3 p.m., Doonan said.

Signs will be provided, but people who can’t stand for the entire hour may want to bring their own lawn chairs, Doonan recommended. For more information call Doonan, 620-792-6500.

Barton County Kansans for Life is the group responsible for placing billboards with messages such as "Choose Life" around the area. The signs feature a drawing of a healthy baby.

According to the Kansans for Life website (, nearly 70 locations in the state will partake in this event on Oct. 3. Other central Kansas communities with Life Chains are Belpre and Hutchinson.

"Lifechain is a national effort where pro-life citizens stand along a well-traveled route for one hour, holding pre-made signs and praying for an end to abortion," the website states. "Our prayer is that those witnessing Life Chains will have their minds opened to the fact that many of their friends and neighbors are trying to draw attention to the holocaust going on in our nation, and that they will join us in praying and taking action to stop abortion and to help pregnant women!"