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Planning for the year to come
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Editors note:  This is the fifth installment in a two week series featuring ideas of low- and no-cost activities families and kids can do during winter break.  

Whether you stayed up late to ring in the new year, or headed to bed at your “normal” time, a new year has arrived.  With only a few days left of winter break, its a great time to gather the family around the table with some hot chocolate and brainstorm about things to do in the months ahead.  Its a great way to share wishes and dreams, and to introduce the habit of goal setting.
Motivational speakers have made an industry out of goal setting, and it’s no wonder.  Knowing what you’re working towards makes it easier to make decisions.  If your family has a goal of buying a new car, taking a special vacation, or getting ready for a new phase of life, if everyone is on board, it’s easier to hold each other accountable, and to say no to the things that will keep everyone from achieving that dream.
Pass out pens and paper to each person taking part in the planning session, and start by asking everyone to write down lists of ten.  Ten places they’d like to go, ten things they’d like to learn, ten books they’d like to read, etc.  Each family is different, so this is your chance to tailor the exercise to your group.  
Then, let each person share what is on their lists, and let the conversations begin.  Once you have some common goals, grab the calendar, and break down each goal into the parts that need to happen to achieve them, and start putting deadlines on the calendar.  

Here are some films to watch together to get inspiration for sticking to your plans:
A League of their Own
The Pursuit of Happyness
Yes! Man

Other resources: