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RSVP, Shafer Gallery, apply for grants
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The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program has applied for a grant that could help with its transportation costs, and the Shafer Gallery is seeking its annual funding for the Kansas Arts Commission. Since both RSVP and Shafer Gallery are overseen by Barton Community College, it falls to the college president to approve their grant applications.

The Beverly Foundation "STAR Awards" of $15,000 to $18,000 are offered to organizations that deliver transportation to senior passengers, include volunteer drivers in transportation service delivery activities and meet other criteria of the foundation. RSVP has applied for one of the awards, according to information from the college.

Barton is the administrative entity that oversees the local RSVP program, and grant applications over $50,000 must be approved by the board of trustees. Grant applications under $50,000 must be approved by Dr. Carl Heilman, the college president.

In his monthly report of activities, Heilman said he had approved the grant application for the STAR Award and for RSVP’s annual request from United Way of Central Kansas, estimated to be around $14,000.

The college president said he’d also approved a grant application to the Kansas Arts Commission for the Shafer Gallery. Heilman said the college asked the Arts Commission for $2,000 next year, but noted it might receive less. The funding request was $3,000 this year, and $4,000 the year before, as funds continue to decrease.