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Jack Kilby Science Day draws hundreds to Barton Community College
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Storm chaser and research meteorologist Jon Davies describes what he felt as he shows a video of one of his many storm-chasing endeavors. Davies was the keynote speaker at the eighth-annual Jack Kilby Science Day on Tuesday. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Storm chaser and research meteorologist Jon Davies brought new excitement to talking about the weather during his presentation as the keynote speaker for Jack Kilby Science Day on Tuesday morning at Barton Community College.
About 400 high school juniors and seniors from all across the state made the trek to BCC to participate in a plethora of activities focused on science and its application to the real world.
One of the ever-popular event’s strengths lies in the variety of experiences students can have in a short time span. From watching dry ice inflate a balloon and seeing an ultrasound of a pregnant pit bull, to extracting DNA from strawberries, this year was no exception.
Chemistry teacher Pat Stiles of Central Plains High School has brought his students to every Jack Kilby Science Day since its inception eight years ago. He said the event holds a great deal of value for his class.
“The kids look forward to it every year. It’s always a good experience,” he said, adding the exposure to the college atmosphere is an added benefit. “It lets them see the college side of things and see the college equipment they wouldn’t see in high school.”
Chelsea Day, junior, of Ellinwood said her first experience with Jack Kilby Science Day was, “pretty cool.”
Fellow attendee Colton Spresser, senior, of Hoxie said he enjoyed the Physics Magic activity the most for the simple and entertaining way Physics Instructor Tim Folkerts explained complex concepts.
Some students had the chance to opt out of the activities to compete in math and science bowls. The victors were awarded Texas Instruments graphing calculators. Scientific calculators were awarded to the runners-up.
The winners of this year’s science bowl are:
First place - Ellinwood:  Colin Miller, Ian Goering, Shawn Troyer.
Second place - TMP: Rhian Graver, Rebecca Pray, Samantha Wilson.
Third place - Great Bend: Mickie McNett, Chris Burley, Anthony Valenzuela, Bryce Divis.

Winners of this year’s math bowl are:
First place - TMP:  Ross Werth, Jin Lim, Brett Chrisler.
Second place - Ellinwood:  Sam Kline-Martin, Colin Miller, Derek Ward.
Third place - Pawnee Heights:  Aaron Clapham, Jake Hardiman, Casey Spence.