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SOH announces dedication of new Haitian church
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Star of Hope is proud to announce the dedication of the new church building in Hesse, Haiti. The original church building was rendered useless and unsafe by the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti. On June 28, more than 250 people gathered in the new mountain church to dedicate it to the use of the people in the area. The church is located next to the new Hesse School also rebuilt since the 2010 earthquake. In addition to being used for church services it will also be used by the school for assemblies.
The average income in the area is less than $1 per day, making it impossible to provide a building such as the new church and school without outside assistance. With the outside assistance the construction process was completed in just over six months and provided employment for scores of local men and women.
The outside assistance was provided by the LD and Marilyn Davis family of Great Bend. Unable to travel, their nephew, Sawyer Borror, Kansas State University student, represented them at the dedication ceremony. The church leadership and the people of Hesse sent word back to the Davis family expressing their gratitude and joy of having a new place to worship and minister to the community.
Star of Hope is a nonprofit organization located in Ellinwood, with projects in 16 of the poorest countries across the world. More information is available at or by calling (866) 653-0321.

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