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Sports, activities and mentoring spotlighted at USD 428 June BOE meeting
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Delores Baker was awarded the USD 428 R.O.S.E. award for June, 2013 at the BOE meeting Monday night. She was joined by several friends and family members. Baker dedicated 12 years of service and friendship to one Riley Elementary student through the Youth Friends program. The student graduated in May and will attend college at Barton Community College on a scholarship. - photo by VERONICA COONS, Great Bend Tribune

Teacher and administration appointments and resignations for the USD 428 2013-2014 school year:

Licensed Administrator Appointment
•    Ms. Judy Sneath, Assistant Director of Barton County Cooperative of Special Education.
Licensed Teacher Appointments
•    Mrs. Lacey Bonine, Teacher of Kindergarten at Eisenhower Elementary School.
•    Mrs. Joy Boyd, Title I/Direct Instruction Teacher/Tutor at Park Elementary School.
•    Ms. Kelly Curtis, Teacher of Grade 4 at Jefferson Elementary School.
•    Ms. Haley Krehbiel, Special Education Interrelated Adaptive for Barton County Special Education Cooperative.
•    Ms. Jessica Nelson, Special Education Interrelated Adaptive Teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School.
•    Ms. Meredith Ramsey, SFA Teacher/Tutor.
•    Ms. Larissa Versaw, Teacher of Music at Park Elementary School.
•    Ms. Stephanie Webster, Teacher of Grade 3 at Lincoln Elementary School.
Licensed Teacher Resignations
•    Ms. Neoshea Bergman, Teacher of Grade 2 at Lincoln Elementary School.
•    Ms. Kelli Burks, SFA Teacher / Tutor at Riley Elementary School.
•    Ms. Tiffany Haug, Teacher o Grade 3 at Lincoln Elementary School.
•    Mrs. Sheri Heilman, Teacher of English at GB Middle School.
•    Mrs. Melissa Jacobs, Teacher of Grade 3 at Lincoln Elementary School.
•    Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Teacher of 7th Grade Social Studies at GB Middle School.
•    Ms. Angie Webb, Teacher of Grade 4 at Jefferson Elementary School.
•    Mrs. Rachel Basden, Teacher of English/Journalism at GB High School (subject to late resignation of $300).

 The USD 428 Board of Education welcomed Delores Baker and her family and friends Monday evening at the district office.  Board president Dwight Young awarded her the  R.O.S.E. (Recognizing Outstanding Support of Education ) certificate, recognizing her for her years of commitment to a Riley student through her 12 years of education in the district through the Youth Friends program.  
“Youth Friends is a marvelous thing for children as well as adults,” Baker said after receiving her award.  “I hope you keep funding for this program in the budget.”
Athletic Director David Meter gave a recap of the 2012-2013 athletics and activities school year and a look ahead to the upcoming year.  
“I want to thank you (school board) for the support you give our activities and athletics programs.,” Meter said.  “Participation in sports and clubs of all kinds help to raise grade point averages, and that’s one reason I enjoy this job.”
He reported on progress with seventh grade sports. So far, uniforms and equipment have been purchased and now it’s time to line up personnel. This hasn’t been as easy as Meter would like, with several more resignations coming at the end of the school year than in years past, he said.  Some coaching positions that were filled have become vacant again because of this.  Meanwhile, several summer sports programs are underway with good participation from students.  
 The work on the GBHS track will start soon, and is expected to be completed by August 1, Meter said. Brickwork is also underway at the GBMS gymnasium addition.  John Popp, USD 428 Curriculum Director, reported on curriculum changes for 2013-2014. Teachers and students alike are going to need to brush up their skills to make Common Core work. To get things started, the board approved the 2013-2018 professional development plan for teachers which was approved by the Professional Development Committee. They also agreed to have the Technology committee check into the equipment needs for the district, with students being asked to learn keyboarding skills at ever younger grade levels.   They will need to use technology for learning and testing activities in school.  
“We‘ve talked about the neo computers the sixth graders use now being moved to the third grade students,” he said.   The modified computers have a full size keyboard, but a small screen.

Other items discussed and actions approved included:

•    Approved the budget for the 2012-2013 school year.   
•    Dan Brungardt, assistant superintendent of USD 428, presented insurance choices, asking the board to approve a package worth $289,382 for the 2013-2014 school year.
•    Approved the position of Supplemental Activity Supervisor at GBMS.  This position will offer assistance with coordination, organization, and supervision of all GBMS events with the addition of 7th grade athletics .  The salary of $3,000 per season was approved earlier by the Supplemental Salary Committee.
•    Approve  the low bid of $30,578.00 from Washington Roofing for the District Education Center.  Work will begin by the end of October.   
•    Approved change orders pending in the construction of the gymnasium at GB Middle School.  The contract allowed a concrete overage of 30 percent, although approximately 40 percent was actually required at a cost of $5,700.00.  Didn’t know as they were pouring.  $8,813 total.
•    Approved the low bid of $73,455.00 from Vibrawhirl for the GBHS track surface project to happen later this summer.    
•    Approved the updates to the USD 428 school listing of fees and prices for the 2013-2014 school year.  There will be no change of fees for students in grades K-12.  There will be a $.10 increase in the cost of lunch for elementary through high school students.  There will be no increase in the adult meal price, or for reduced price meals or milk.  There will also be no increase in the cost of breakfast.
•    Approved the recommended per-mile rate of 52 cents for reimbursing transportation of students who reside 2.5 miles or more from their assigned school.
•    Vernon delivered the annual dropout report.  There were 39 students who dropped out of high school this year.  
•    Approved a curriculum grant for Riley Elementary School to implement Power Teaching at grades three through five.

The next regular meeting of the USD 428 Board of Education will be on July 15 at 5 p.m. at the District offices.  This is one week later than regularly scheduled.  The board voted to hold the meeting over for one week in order to wait for final figures for the 2013-2014 budget to be received.  There will also be a special meeting at 7:30 a.m. on June 25 at the District Education Center to approve ending budget balances and transfers for the 2012-2013 year and to make transfers as necessary for closing the budget year.