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Volunteers continue to guide county growth
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It’s not only elected officials, or even hired staff members who make decisions that affect the future of Barton County, but volunteers also have a hand in making important decisions.
Several local residents have been appointed to county boards this week and they fill positions that make important decisions.
One of those positions is still open and in need of another person who wants to help chart the course of the county, it was noted this week.
County Administrator Richard Boeckman met with the Barton County Commission on filling two important boards this week.
The commissioners addressed adding members to the Community Development Advisory Board.
“This group meets four or five times a year,” Boeckman noted, adding that it met more frequently while it was working on the Barton County Strategic Plan.
It is a well attended board and its members make a difference.
Reappointed to the board were John Smith, Brad Tajchman and Bev Komarek. And Shawn Hutchinson was also appointed to the board.
“That leaves one position still open,” Boeckman said about the 11-position board.
Another busy board is the Memorial Parks Advisory Committee, which has been especially active in making plans for the improvement of the two county-owned memorial parks.
The committee is currently involved in overseeing major improvement efforts for the memorial parks and in the development of a special veterans’ area that will include a veteran memorial and an area where veterans can receive free cemetery plots.
But all of the improvements and development require a great deal of work and that leads to decisions needing to be made, which involves the committee.
This week the commissioners approved the reappointment of Aliease Doughtery and appointed Paige Lofland and Edward Scott to the committee.