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Yoikes and away!
Its time for Ye Olde GB Ren Faire
The Scallywags, pirate entertainers, are just one group that will travel from other states to participate in this weekends Great Bend Renaissance Faire.

There may not be fire-breathing dragons, but there will be fire-eating performers, belly dancers, pirates who sing, wenches who wash, and local high schoolers who perform Shakespeare.
It’s not some amazing summer fantasy film.
It’s reality — or close to it.
This year’s Great Bend Renaissance Faire will feature a wide variety of performers, including a group of local thespians who will prove that our current crop of students do learn the classics.
Great Bend Renaissance Faire Director David LeRoy said the Great Bend High School Theater Players will be just one of the attractions on the stages that will be part of this weekend’s events.
The Great Bend Renaissance Faire will run this weekend and it will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday at the Expo Area, west of Great Bend.
Despite the fact — or perhaps BECAUSE of the fact — that the Great Bend Renaissance Faire has the distinction of being the only known faire to have ever been struck by a tornado, LeRoy said he’s seeing a lot of interest in making the second event even more memorable than the first one was. “Many vendors and performers are returning and we are very excited to have this event again,” LeRoy said.
The weekend event will feature all sorts of vendors, selling food, refreshments and all manner of Renaissance and fantasy items.
Performers through the weekend will include a variety of musicians including Chiron the Bard, The Saltire Pipers, Thistle Green, Didge Man, and more.
Then there is the Brotherhood of Steel and Royal Army of Comstocke who demonstrate combat.
There are the pirate players, The Scallywags, and the comedy of The Laundry Lasses.
But there is also Crazy Boy Coy, who has to be seen to be believed. LeRoy explained one small part of his act involves balancing on a board, resting on a ball, while he climbs through a tennis racquet.
And there will be wandering entertainers throughout the weekend, and belly dancers to “round” things out.
The faire will be located in a shadier spot than last year and conditions should be comfortable for it, LeRoy said.
Tickets for the event are $6 per person with children 11 and under admitted for free.