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Dominican Sisters celebrate jubilarians

Dominican Sisters of Peace will celebrate the 25 and 50 years jubilarians at its assembly this Saturday. There was a jubilee celebration for the Great Bend Sisters on June 23. There is also a celebration in Columbus, Ohio.
Nearly 60 Dominican Sisters of Peace are celebrating important Jubilee anniversaries this year. Dominican Sisters of Peace is grateful to God for these Sisters who have shared their gifts with their Community, the Church, and God’s people for a total of more than 3,500 years.
Many of the Sisters will be celebrating their Jubilees at the Annual Assembly this week in Columbus, Ohio. As Dominican Sisters of Peace from across the country and around the world come together, Dominican Sisters of Peace asks for God’s blessings on their service, and for your prayers for their ministries.

Jubilarians 2018
Dominican Sisters of Peace

50 Years
Gemma Doll, Columbus, Ohio
Presently living in Columbus, for a number of years she lived in Great Bend and was a part of the Great Bend Dominicans Leadership team.

These sisters live at the Dominican Sisters Motherhouse on Broadway in Great Bend.

60 Years as a Dominican Sister
Kevin Clavin, and Dominic Haug, both of Great Bend

70 Years as Dominican Sister
Mary Ellen Dater, Pawnee Rock

Lives at Heartland Farm, Pawnee Rock
Geraldine Eakes and Charlotte Unrein, both of Great Bend

Below is a complete list of all of our jubilarians from various parts of the country.

25 Years
Sue Zemgulis Niskayuna, NY

50 Years
Suzanne Brauer, New Orleans, LA
Gemma Doll, Columbus, OH
Mary Catherine Hilkert, South Bend, IN
Rosemary Loomis, Columbus, OH
Sue McMahon, Waterford, MI
Barbara Rapp, Columbus, OH
Valerie Shaul, Akron, OH

60 Years
Kathleen Andrews, Columbus, OH
Jeanne Brown, Columbus, OH
Mary Ann Budka, St. Catharine, KY
Germaine Conroy, Columbus, OH
Mary Costello, Watertown, MA
Theresa Damicone, Akron, OH
Mary Rose Garcia, Columbus, OH
Anne Keenan, Columbus, OH
Eileen Linehan, Watertown, MA
Ellen McNulty, New Haven, CT
Diane McOsker, Oxford, MI
Mary Meenan, Columbus, OH
Marilyn Pierson, St. Catharine, KY
Doris Regan, Columbus, OH
M. Aimee, Ryan Columbus, OH
Carol Ann Spencer, Columbus, OH

65 Years
Bernadine Baltrinic, Akron, OH
Sylvia Bourgeois, Columbus, OH
Marita Charley, Columbus, OH
Barbara DeCrosta, New Haven, CT
Michael Brigid Driscoll, Watertown, MA
Mary Justin Fadden, Oxford, MI
Joan Marie Ford, Columbus, OH
Thomasine Hardesty, Columbus, OH
Mary Jordan Langenhennig, Columbus, OH
Mary Judene Lillie, New Orleans, LA
Noreen Malone, Columbus, OH
Mary Josetta Mayer, Columbus, OH
Thomas Joseph Nacy, St. Catharine, KY
Louis Mary Passeri, Columbus, OH

70 Years
Rose Bowen, Columbus, OH
Josepha Buckley, St. Catharine, KY
Betty Doskey, Columbus, OH
Francis Ellsperman, Akron, OH
Marcia Fleder, Columbus, OH
Joan Miriam Glaser, St. Catharine, KY
Rosemary Kirsten, St. Catharine, KY
Marie Joseph Porrello, Columbus, OH
Rose Marie Robinson, Akron, OH

75 Years
Francine Ashoff, Columbus, OH
Agnes Imelda Frohnapfel, Columbus, OH
Patricius Henderson, St. Catharine, KY
Adrian Marie Hofstetter, St. Catharine, KY
Lucille Winstel, Columbus, OH

85 Years
Vincent de Paul Hutton, St. Catharine, KY