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Feb. 22, 2011
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Great Bend Police

Unauthorized use of a company credit card was reported Friday.

Ryan Oeser was driving south on Morphy St. turning west onto 10th a 2:57 a.m. Saturday and turned too sharply, striking a stop sign.

A $32.53 gas skip at 1315 10th St. was reported at 6:24 p.m. Sunday, and a $70 gas skip was reported at 3907 Broadway Ave. at 7:43 p.m.


Great Bend Fire Department

Firefighters made five ambulance runs on Friday, nine Saturday and five Sunday.

At 12:41 a.m. Friday they were dispatched to an unauthorized burn on SE 50 Road.

At 3:40 a.m. Friday they were dispatched to 714 Wilson St. for a structure fire. They found vinyl siding burning on the south side of the duplex apartment. Chief Mike Napolitano said the fire was quickly extinguished with no injuries. Loss was estimated at $5,000, and the cause was determined to be a cigarette that had been discarded in a plastic planter next to the siding.

There was a small grass fire at 778 West U.S. 56 at 2:25 p.m. Friday.

Firefighters assisted the Pawnee Rock Fire Department on a wildland fire at 3:03 p.m. Saturday.

At 6:30 p.m. Saturday the responded to a small grass fire that was started by a barbecue grill at 320 Frey St.

The was a brush fire at the river dike at 3 p.m. Sunday.

At 6:10 a.m. Monday, smoke from cooking set off a smoke alarm at the High Rise.