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Great Bend Municipal Court
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October convictions and fines

Corey Robin Akers-Hartman, inattentive driving, $111
Andy Ray Anderson, parking in front yard prohibited, $161
Andy Ray Anderson, parking in front yard prohibited, $161
Johnita J. Becker, speeding 15 mph over, $106
Daune Ann Beckman, theft, $1,743.50
Daune Ann Beckman, obstruct legal process, $2,376
John Charles Boase Jr., theft, $1,141
Jace Robert Bowman, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Trevor D. Byfield, violate traffic control signal, $111
Judith Castro, inattentive driving, $111
Noe Chaves, defective headlamps, $111
David E. Contrerez, no proof insurance, $376
Rachel Lee Cregger, defective wiper/obstructed windshield, seat belts (18 and older), $233
Rachel Lee Cregger, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, $1,931
Kevin Jordan Turner Darkis, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
James Lewis Effenbeck, violate traffic control signal, $111
Andrea Susan Ehrlich, dog at large, $111
Alexandra Ann Eye, inattentive driving, $111
Ana Maria Fabela, no driver’s license, $326
Patricia Ann Fairbanks, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Linda Candelaria Fernandez, seat belts (18 and older), $71
Juana Alicia Flores, dog at large, $246
Bailie Nicole Foster, inattentive driving, $111
Karol L. Foster, speeding 19 over-school zone, $175
Walter M. Fox, improper driving on laned road, $111
Clark L. Funk, improper parking, $25
Cecilia M. Garcia, unauthorized minor, $206
Isabel Gonzalez, no driver’s license, $681
Devin Alan Gross, improper parking, $25
Joshua Brett Harman, theft, $341
Anna A. Harms, follow too close, $111
Elvira F. Henning, fail to yield at uncontrolled intersection, $111
Angel Hernandez, parking in front yard prohibited, $161
Jesus A. Hernandez, vehicle license; illegal tags, $161
Christopher Ray Holt, criminal use of financial card, $126
Christopher Ray Holt, battery domestic violence, $111
Christopher Ray Holt,theft, $76
Christopher Ray Holt, theft, $98
Christopher Ray Holt, theft, $76
Dawn M. Hoskins, parking in front yard prohibited, $161
Susan Nora Hughes, dog at large, no rabies vaccination, $111
Karen L. Jagger, inattentive driving, $111
Holly R. Johnson, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $111
Lavert Tyron Johnson, inattentive driving, $111
Christian Allison Kearns, battery domestic violence, $406
Mason Cruez Keeler, driving without lights/needed, $91
Edward Lloyd Klusener, driving while suspended/revoked, $1,211
Jordan M. Kottas, inattentive driving, $111
Marvin A. Lewis, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Robert A. Liles, fail to yield at stop sign, seat belts (18 and older), $121
Leonel Lira, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Elisa Y. Lopez-Ruiz, disobey traffic control device, $111
Crystal Dawn Martinez, obstructing license plates, $61
Diana Lynn McClelland, theft, $667.37
Amber E. McHenry, vehicle license; illegal tags, $161
Dennis K. Merica, improper driving on laned roads, $111
Eleanor Miller, inattentive driving, $111
James David Miller, theft, $329
Aida G. Molina-Contreras, speeding 18 mph over, $115
Barbara Nanette Naugle, follow too close, $111
Chad Aaron Neptune, battery, $61
Katie L. Nicolet, inattentive driving, $111
Angela K. Orth, parking in front yard prohibited, $221
Lori Lee Owen, fail to yield at stop sign, seat belts (18 and older), $121
Juana Gabriel Perez, driving while suspended/revoked, $361
Hilary Erin Peru-Dominguez, turn between intersections/park, $111
Keith A. Pfaff, violate traffic control signal, $111
Sanjuana Piedra-Ochoa, no driver’s license, $576
Chantel L. Poppelreiter, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Matthew Wayne Pritchett, disorderly conduct, $241
Jeanna Marie Richter, improper backing, duty to give information/aid, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, duty to report accident, $311
Adalberto Pablo Rios, driving while suspended/revoked, $626
Cecilia Rios, no driver’s license, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, improper use of roadway by pedestrian, inattentive driving, $526
Cecilia Rios, no driver’s license, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, accident involving damage to property, improper tires, inattentive driving, $676
Kyle B. Rohr, speeding 14 mph over, $103
Frances A. Rome, violate traffic control signal, $111
Maribel Sanchez, no driver’s license, $326
Sandra Schenk, dog at large, $111
Luis C. Sepulveda-Sepulveda, park adjacent to school signs, $25
Jonathan Jason Staten, assault, $211
Cynthia J. Steinert, inattentive driving, disobey traffic control device, $242
Heidi R. Stoskopf, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
David L. Tamen, inattentive driving, $111
Payden Roy Thornburg, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Spencer Towery, seat belts (18 and older), $71
Ralph Rosco Tuey Jr., no driver’s license, $548.50
Anthony D. Verduzco-Gonzalez, driving while suspended/revoked, $626
Alejo Villegas, defective wiper/obstructed windshield, $91
Adam Martin Walker, speeding 28 mph over, $153
Karl Ray Ware, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Douglas James Wells, inattentive driving, $111
Susan M. Wells, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $111
Feliz Ybarra, lewd, lascivious behavior, $348
Jennifer Ann Zabala, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Amber Christine Zink, dog at large, $111

Total number of defendants, 87; total number of offenses, 111