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Great Bend Municipal Court January fines and convictions
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Oscar Aaron Alaniz, vehicle license; illegal tags, no drivers license, $447.50
Larry F. Barnes, park in prohibited area, $25
Ashton Marie Brady, texting while driving, $132.50
Ashton Marie Brady, improper passing; increased speed, $132.50
Zavier Allen Carey, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Claudio Chavez, battery domestic violence, $715
Dalton Lee Contrerez, improper backing, $132.50
John Kenneth Cruz, driving while suspended/revoked, $2,171
Evan James Daubert, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Cody Wayne Day, battery domestic violence, $282.50
Aaron Michael Divittore, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $132.50
Elsie M. Dreher, improper backing, $132.50
Riley Sinclair Eakin, violate traffic control signal, $132.50
Helen P. Elsen, improper backing, $132.50
Rebecca Jane Elsen, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $132.50
Johnny Ray Espinosa, battery domestic violence, $372.50
Bristin James Evans, violations of restrictions, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $347.50
David Lynn Evers II, inattentive driving, $132.50
Clarence Flores, no proof insurance, $505
Judy W. Folsom, inattentive driving, $132.50
Stephanie Michelle Galusha, fail to yield from private drive, $132.50
Ariana Lee Garay, no driver’s license, $347.50
Alexandra Brianna Garcia, no driver’s license, defective headlamps, $1,027.50
Graciela Garcia, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Delilah Godfrey, park in prohibited area, $25
Brett Levi Hammond, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, $697.50
Brett Levi Hammond, no proof insurance, driving while suspended/revoked, speeding 14 mph over, $724.50
Ernest E. Heart, defective tail lamps, $112.50
James Howard Henkle Jr., no proof insurance, $397.50
Colby Jay Hopkins, driving while suspended/revoked, of proof insurance, $1,357.50
Amanda Hope Howard, battery, $672.50
Hope Noel Huslig, unlawful discharge of firearms, $747.50
Hope Noel Huslig, no drivers license, $347.50
Kirk Alan Jackson, improper turn or approach, $132.50
Jeffery B. Jensen, disobey traffic control device, $132.50
Jesse A. Julian, vehicle license; illegal tags, no proof insurance, $608.50
Joshua Allen Kelly, obstruct legal process, $552.50
Kayleen Ann Kern, improper backing, $132.50
Aqeisa Lyna Koett, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Kyle Jay Kruckenberg, driving without lights/needed, driving while suspended/revoked, unlawful use of drivers license, $447.50
Kyle Jay Kruckenberg, defective tag light, driving while suspended/revoked, $397.50
Steve M. Ledesma, violate traffic control signal, $132.50
Travis Donald Lee, battery domestic violence, $242.50
Bridget Rena Levy, criminal trespass, $197.50
Matthew Alan Meitling, inattentive driving, $132.50
David Curtis Mickle, theft, $574.50
Thomas Clayton Minear, battery domestic violence, $342.50
Matthew Shawn Nimo, cruelty to animals, $377.50
Felicia Renee Parker, inattentive driving, $132.50
Julio Angel Parrales, vehicle license; illegal tag, $313.50
Veronica Perales, unauthorized operator, $182.50
Chantel Lee Poppelreiter, improper stop lamp/turn signal, $112.50
Steven L. Rader, inattentive driving, $182.50
Shayla Kae Richmeier, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, $182.50
Amanda Rigby, theft, $547.50
Oscar Rene Salcido, defective headlamps, no drivers license, $647.50
Kerry Lee Savage, inattentive driving, $132.50
Luis Carlos Sepulveda, speeding 17 over-school zone, $184.50
Chance Reade Sherman, violate traffic control signal, $132.50
Brenda Lee Sidebottom, theft, $375.54
Brenda Lee Sidebottom, theft, $379.98
Blake J. Stanley, improper backing, $216
Andrew Shawn Taylor, driving while revoked/habitual, $867.50
Aaron D. Thomas, speeding up to 10 over-school zone, $142.50
Destynie Rene Trevino, inattentive driving, $132.50
Jared James Vonfeldt, inattentive driving, $132.50
Jeff D. Walter, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Travis Eugene Watkins, theft, $935
Jacob Allen Weaver, criminal damage to property, $1,761.83
Tonya May Welch, improper driving on lance road, $132.50
Jennifer Ann Welcher, theft, $717.50
Terrence Samuel Welcher, vehicle license; illegal tags, driving while suspended/revoked, $397.50