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10 gifts your husband is secretly wants (but wont ask for)
Here's what men REALLY want. - photo by Melinda Fox
If your husband won't reveal the secret of what men truly want, don't worry, we've got you covered. So for his next birthday or just a regular day, for that matter knock his socks off with one of these great gifts.

1. You to do the things he likes

He doesn't want to make you do anything you don't want to do ... but you make him feel loved and extra important when you do something he likes, even though you don't.

2. A tradition

Give him the gift that keeps on giving by giving him a tradition that can create special memories for years to come. Maybe your thing will be Sunday night tandem bike rides, making up your own crazy ice cream flavors or a good ol' game night.

3. An inside joke

The best gifts are usually pretty simple, but are super thoughtful. Give him a gift that reminds him of an inside joke the two of you have.

4. An adventure

Take your husband on a treasure hunt through the woods or to try a new food frog legs anyone?

(Get an adorable "Up" photo album to document your adventures here or an adventure saving's fund.)

5. To learn something new

When you sign him up for a class to learn guitar like he's always wanted or get him some language learning tapes, not only are you helping him achieve his goals, you're telling him you believe he can do it.

6. A date

He's not going to tell you to ask him on a date, but he'd be thrilled if you called him on the phone and asked him for a night out on you. Get creative or go classic with dinner and a movie.

7. Cuddle time

Your husband might not be all mushy gushy, but he loves to snuggle with you. Make snuggle time extra cozy by investing in a cheap (but durable) hammock.

8. To feel handsome

He's not going to beg for compliments, but it means so much to him to know that you think he's dreamy.

9. Cool tech

Get him something like a solar powered phone charger or a mobile printer that turns your phone into an instant camera.

10. A love letter

It doesn't have to be elaborate, just a small note tucked into his pocket.


At the end of the day, what he really wants is you