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10 things truly confident women do NOT do
Truly confident women know which habits destroy confidence. Do you? - photo by Emily Sanders
What is the difference between a truly confident woman and a totally insecure one? Everything. The way she walks, talks, thinks, feels and interacts with others are completely different. True confidence is built from within.

In order to build this strength within, truly confident women have figured out which things they should put into their lives and which they should take out. Here is a list of some of those things a truly confident woman simply does not do.

1. Compare herself to others

A truly confident woman is content with who she is. Seeing another pretty face does not make her feel ugly, because she knows that life is not a competition. She does not keep score of who is the most clever, talented or beautiful.

2. Seek happiness from outside sources

Truly confident women do not depend on others to make themselves happy. They understand that happiness is a choice. When life isnt giving them lemons, they simply grow their own tree.

3. Talk constantly

A confident woman does not need to be the center of attention at all times. She is totally fine stepping aside to give someone else the spotlight.

4. Feel the need to follow trends

Truly confident women are not followers. They do not feel the need to "fit in." If they find something they like, they will jump on board. If not, they are perfectly fine wearing an outfit that is so last season.

5. Blame others

Truly confident women are well aware that pointing fingers should have ended in third grade. These ladies take responsibility for their own actions. They are not afraid to admit their faults, face their own problems and apologize to those they have wronged.

6. Pick apart her appearance

A truly confident woman does not look in the mirror and see only her imperfections. She knows that bothersome blemishes and bad hair days are temporary. Even her pretty face will succumb to wrinkles and age spots over time. Because of this, a confident woman will often spend more time enhancing her inner beauty than her outward appearance.

7. Get jealous

A confident woman does not feel threatened by the success of others. She is genuinely happy for anothers achievements and takes joy in other peoples gifts and talents.

8. Take things personally

Truly confident women are not easily offended. They do not analyze every careless remark made to them, automatically assuming the worst. Unkind words and insults simply do not stick to them.

9. Gossip

Confident women have better things to talk about than other people. Their topics of conversation are interesting and thought-provoking. These ladies do not need to speak poorly of others in order to feel better about themselves.

10. Lower her standards

A truly confident woman never lowers her standards for anyone. She does not seek approval from her peers. She seeks to do what is right.