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11 reasons being a young mom rocks
Being a mom is a blessing, and being a young mom is fun. But here is a little-known secret: your kids teenage years rock, too. - photo by Megan Gladwell
If youre a young mom, you might feel like a frazzled mess. You may wish to fast forward to a time when your kids are more independent and you actually have time to pluck your eyebrows.

If youre a middle-aged mom, you might yearn for the days of yore when your children gave you sloppy kisses and your skin didnt look so tired. You may wonder why you wished those years away.

Every stage of motherhood is rewarding, but here is why being a young mom is really cool.

1. You can feign ignorance when your little one does something embarrassing, like scream at the top of his lungs in the grocery store. You can shrug, Im new at this, OK?

2. Youre still in your prime. You may have a few post-pregnancy pounds to lose, and maybe you dont have the time or inclination to maintain your nails. But if youre in your 20s or 30s, believe me you still look awesome.

3. Your kids are still sweet. The drama of teenage angst is still years away. Your young kids may be sassy at times, but they generally want to please you. Theyre not shy about throwing their arms around you or writing you love letters.

4. Shopping for Christmas and birthdays is still pleasurable. Giving an iPhone to a teenager isnt fun. Its the beginning of expensive monthly payments and the battle to limit screen time. On the other hand, giving your child a lightsaber or pink-clad baby doll creates something magical. Youll love watching your kid use his or her imagination and engage in creative play.

5. You have cool baby gadgets and accessories. I dont even know the names of them because I never got to use them. But we older moms are jealous of the neat little snack carriers and other gadgets we catch glimpses of in the hands of young moms.

6. You can roll around on the floor with your kids. You still have a strong back, and your legs dont cramp up when you play with your kids toys.

7. A day out doesnt have to cost anything. A teenager would not be satisfied with an outing to the pet store, park and public library. But they give your young kids a thrill.

8. You have the power to mold young minds. Dont neglect cuddling with a storybook, and teaching your kids about good morals and the wonders of the universe. They love to listen to you. In a few years, that will change.

9. You can get away with any hairstyle or clothing style. When you hit middle age, you have to worry about dressing age appropriately. Not so when youre a hip, young mom. Rock the cool hair and clothes while you can.

10. You can plant good habits in your kids. Using sunscreen, drinking milk, limiting soda and candy, eating green veggies, praying, making the bed and reading every day can become habits when introduced early.

11. Youre the royal queen. Your little kids look up to you and think youre the wisest, kindest, most beautiful woman in the world.

Being a mom is a blessing, and being a young mom is fun. But here is a little-known secret: your kids teenage years rock, too.