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12 things every daughter loves about her father
He's the only man in your life who really matters. - photo by Callie Hansen
Ladies! There is only one man in your life who has been there for you no matter what, and he's the one who has been there from the very beginning. You wrapped your tiny fingers around his heart and have been holding on tight ever since.

Thats right, Im talking about your father.

Every daughters relationship with her father is different.

While each relationship is different, every daughter knows and loves twelve things about her father.

1. He can always make you smile

If youre having a bad day, every single time, without fail, your dad manages to put a smile on your face. It may take a few cheesy Dad jokes to get through to you, but making you smile is one of his greatest gifts.

2. He has the best shoulder to cry on

Before he manages that smile from you, he always had a shoulder for you to cry on. And theres no better shoulder to cry on than Dads.

3. His meaningful advice

Dad always seems to know exactly what to say. He has that age-old wisdom that may not always make sense, but still somehow manages to get you through the worst of problems.

4. How he's always looking out for you

From when you were a kid holding his hand as you crossed the street to making sure youre safe after a long drive home, he is always making sure youre OK.

5. Every sacrifice he made for you and your family

Some sacrifices are bigger than others, but your dad has sacrificed in so many ways to build a life for you and your family. You may never be able to repay him, but you sure do love him all the more for it.

6. The way he loves and respects you and your mother

The way your father respectfully treats you, your siblings and your mother is a perfect example of the kind of man you want in a husband. You know from experience how important it is to have someone who can help you raise children in a loving and caring way.

7. His warm bear hugs

You can never pass up a hug from your dad (even when youre angry.) He just wraps you in your arms and you cant help but hug him right back.

8. All of his Dad jokes

Well, maybe not all, but a good amount of them. No matter how corny they may be, he sure does know how to lighten the mood and get everybody laughing (even if its at him.)

9. That he will never stop believing in you

Through all of your successes and failures, your dad has faith that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. No matter the doubts you may have, hell always believe in you.

10. How he encourages you to go after your dreams

Your dad has only ever wanted the best for you. While your dreams may not be what he expected of you, he encourages you to go after them. He wants you to be the best you can be and seek after the things you love. Hell support you until you finally accomplish your dreams.

11. Hes just a phone call away

No matter how far away or the time of day, your dad will be there to answer the phone. Hell listen to you when you need to talk. He values the time spent talking to you just as much as you do.

12. Youll always be his little girl

No matter how big or how old you get, youll always be the little girl he rocked back to sleep after a nightmare. You'll never outgrow the girl who stood on his toes for every father daughter dance. Youve been his little girl since the day you were born and nothing will ever change that.

Fathers can be kind of crazy at times and maybe live out their lives just to embarrass their daughters, but at the end of the day, every daughter feels blessed to have the father she has.