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12 undeniable signs he's really in love with you
Whether you just started dating, or you've been married for years, these signs will tell you what he's really thinking. - photo by Melinda Fox
If you've been married for years, you may wonder if "I love you" has just become a rote phrase, or if he still means it after so much time. On the other hand, if you just started dating someone, you may wonder if your relationship is just fun for him, or if he's crazy about you.

At the end of the day, his actions will reveal his true feelings.

These 12 signs can help know if your man is in love with you:

1. He buys tampons

Sometimes your period hits, and you cannot leave the house because you need to recover from the cramps that feel like someone is repeatedly beating up your ovaries from the inside. But you are all out of feminine products.

You know he loves you if he steps up to the plate and stands in the feminine hygiene section comparing Always and Kotex prices before conspicuously sending it along the conveyer belt and small-talking with the knowing cashier.

2. He makes plans with you

He's expecting you two to still be together in the summer, so you can take that trip to Havasupai, and in the fall when Twenty-One Pilots is playing. He's bought the tickets and made reservations because he has no reservations about you.

3. His friends know too much about you

When you met his friends, did they already happen to know that you are an architect and love country music? If so, he's been talking about youlots and lots. If his friends know things about you (and they actually feel like it's information that they should remember), it means your man is in love with you.

4. His happy place is you

Being with you makes him happy. Even a rotten day can be healed by seeing you again.

5. He doesn't wait for you to brush your teeth before kissing you good morning

In the morning, he wants to kiss you before anything else and even if you just ate some garlic pesto parmesan he'll give you a kiss without waiting for you to get some toothpaste in there.

6. He does what you like

Maybe he's not super into winter sports, but he suits up and cross-country skis with you anyways. Maybe he doesn't love watching documentaries, but he still cuddles on the couch with you for a couple hours of Ken Burns. If a man is willing to do things with you that he doesn't like, it's a sign that he's in love with you.

7. He says "we"

His use of the word "we" shows he doesn't see his life in terms of himself anymore. You are too much a part of it for that. Things aren't just about him. Men who replace "I" with "we" are signaling that they are invested in the relationship.

8. He actually listens

When you're ranting about that crazy lady who cut you off in the Wal-Mart parking lot for 20 minutes, he stays focused. Or when you mention buttermilk donuts, he remembers your craving days later (and buys you some). That's a sign that his affection for you is pretty deep.

9. He texts you in the middle of the day

If you regularly get a mid-day text from him telling you about something he saw, or asking you how your day's going, it means that he's thinking about you even when you're apart.

10. He thinks your mascara-less face is beautiful

As much as you may feel self-conscious about your naked face, you know you shouldn't because he sees past your acne scars or little wrinkles. He sees you and thinks you are beautiful.

11. He puts his phone away

When you're together, you're together. He's not constantly scrolling through Facebook or texting other people. He wants to be with you.

12. He says "I love you"

The most obvious sign he's in love with you? He says it.