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14 of the most intriguing tech products at CES
The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always jampacked with all kinds of technology from the incredible to the incredibly useless. - photo by Liesl Nielsen
LAS VEGAS The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always jampacked with all kinds of technology from the incredible to the incredibly useless.

We wandered the showroom floor of the world's biggest tech conference to find some of the most intriguing, unique and actually useful tech products.

Though some of them may be a little out of our price range hopefully, they won't always be. Here are 14 of the best.

1. Neutrogena Skin360 App and SkinSkanner: For all those frustrated with the state of their skin but who aren't quite ready to make frequent trips to the dermatologist, the Neutrogena Skin360 app may be what you're looking for.

The SkinSkanner is a little device that fits over the top of a smartphone with what is essentially a magnifying glass over the camera. The user will then touch the device to their skin and take a picture of the cheek, forehead and chin. The final readout measures pores, fine lines, wrinkles and moisture for a comprehensive look at what the skin may need.

The Skin360 app requires the consumer to answer a few questions about their epidermis, then takes the scanner's readout and suggests skin care regimens and specific products based on the data.

The one catch is that the app will only suggest Neutrogena products, though the customer can easily replace those with similar products from other brands. Those using the app, however, can order all suggested products with the press of a button at a discounted price.

The scanner retails at nearly $50.

2. GoTouch: The GoTouch is a portable device that can turn any TV, projector, monitor or flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.

Just download the GoTouch app, connect the GoTouch to your phone using Bluetooth and use the device to share team projects with the whole room. The GoTouch pen allows the presenter to make marks and corrections to the presentation as they go.

You can also use the GoTouch app to create projects or access others online that anyone from your team can mark up on their phones. The GoTouch makes it even easier for employees working remotely to join in on team meetings.

The GoTouch retails at $279.99

3. Smacircle S1 foldable ebike: The Smacircle is a compact and lightweight ebike that weighs 15.4 pounds and can be folded up to fit into a small backpack.

If you're a commuter who hates sitting in traffic but finds it tricky to bring a bike to work, the Smacircle is an intriguing alternative, though the bike only goes up to 12.4 mph.

The iOS or Android apps allow commuters to lock and unlock the bike, monitor battery usage, adjust the speed and change preferences. An integrated USB charger allows you to charge your device on the go.

The device is currently on Indiegogo and early buyers can get a Smacircle backpack and ebike for $699 a 53 percent discount from the retail price of nearly $1,500. Early buyers can get the product by April 2018.

4. Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab shampoo customizer: For women whose hair has undergone everything from chemical treatments to flat iron heat, the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab may be the solution to finding the perfect hair treatment.

The company is now bringing the SalonLab Analyzer system to Schwarzkopf salons across the U.S. and Europe to customize shampoos for unique hair.

A hairstylist will use the SalonLab scanner which has an image sensor to capture color data and an infrared sensor to measure cysteic acid levels to analyze the hair's quality. The scanner will then send that information to the app.

The app then generates a shampoo formula based on the data and the SalonLab Customizer is essentially an on-site shampoo "printer." Customers can also pick a dye and choose their hue using the app's augmented reality function.

5. R-PUR pollution air mask: The R-PUR is an anti-pollution mask designed for bikers and motorcyclists or really anyone out and about in poor air quality. The mask filters toxic particles, fine particles, diesel, pollens and viruses or bacteria in the air.

The R-PUR was developed in France where nearly 48,000 people a year die premature deaths caused by pollution, according to French media outlet Radio France Internationale. For commuters in Utah, the R-PUR could offer substantial protection from the inversion that plagues the valley.

The R-PUR mask is on Indiegogo and costs about 119 ($146.36) for early buyers a 14 percent discount from the usual 139 price.

6. ORBI Prime 360 recording glasses: These 360-degree recording glasses let the wearer create 360-degree videos and images.

Equipped with video-stitching and editing software, you can shoot and share your experiences on your favorite social networks with the glasses' built-in Wi-Fi. The glasses have a 60-minute recording time and are water resistant.

Early buyers can get the glasses on Indiegogo for $399 a 38 percent discount from the usual $649 price.

7. Light L16 Camera: This camera is a multi-aperture computational camera that packs DSLR quality and capabilities into a device small enough to fit in your pocket.

It captures the details of the scene at multiple focal lengths, then uses sophisticated algorithms to combine 10-plus images into a single, high-resolution photo.

The camera retails for a whopping $1,950, but is perfect for photographers on the go.

8. Willow Wearable Breast Pump: For working or stay-at-home mothers who find it difficult to schedule time to pump, the Willow Wearable Breast Pump is the first all-in-one breast pump that fits inside a bra.

It's mobile, discreet and hands-free. Designed to work quietly with no attachments, the breast pump has everything (including the milk bag). For mothers on-the-go, it's a welcome alternative to finding the mother's lounge three times a day.

The product is still in its beta process. For mothers who want to join the beta program, you can find more information here.

9. MARS translation earbuds: The Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds boast real-time ear-to-ear translation of 10 different languages. Two people in a conversation can each wear an earbud to conduct a conversation in two different languages.

The earbuds also help users stream music, check the weather and control IoT devices, all via voice command.

The earbuds should be available in early 2018.

10. Zera food recycler: This food recycler converts food scraps to fertilizer with a little help from a special additive though it's not a composter. The Zera can recycle fruits, vegetables, grains, small pieces of meat and other natural foods.

Food waste accounts for around 20 percent of America's landfills and the average family produces over 400 pounds of food waste each year, according to Zera. The company claims the Zera Food Recycler can convert 95 percent of a typical family's household waste into homemade fertilizer.

The Zera was honored at CES 2017 with a Best of Innovation Award. The product will be coming soon to select home appliance stores.

11. Quartz self-cleaning water bottle: The Quartz is a self-cleaning water bottle that can purify any water within one minute.

The bottle uses UV-C LED light to neutralize bacteria and viruses. The LEDs activate every four hours to automatically clean the water bottle, which the company says keeps it 10,000 times cleaner than the average bottle.

The double insulated construction keeps water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. With the push of a button, the bottle will purify any water inside, allowing on-the-go travelers to fill up at streams or in snow banks.

The Quartz is currently on Indiegogo and early buyers can buy the bottle for $79 20 percent off the usual $99.

12. MirraViz Multiview screen: If your family can never agree on what to watch on Netflix, the MirraViz may be for you. This multi-tasking screen enables multiple people viewing one screen to each see different, personalized content.

Though the beauty of entertainment is watching it with other people, the MirraViz allows the whole family to be together while the kids watch what they want and the rest of the family watches something a little more mature.

The MultiView Entertainment System is currently $1,499. A significant markdown from the usual $2,499.

13. Battery-powered Wallet Card: The Wallet Card is a new, connected credit card with a GSM chip connected to the Sprint network and an E-INK display that can be used to show everything from corporate logos to a credit or debit card number.

The card can be reprogrammed to emulate various cards at the push of a button (so you don't have to carry all those extra cards around) and the E-Ink screen means there are no wait times for a customer who signs up for a new card.

The next time your card is compromised, instead of having to wait a week for your bank to mail out a replacement card, the Wallet Card could be electronically programmed with a new number so you can use it instantly.

So far, Wallet Card has partnered with non-U.S. banks but also has the support of the Visa and Mastercard payment networks.

14. Root Robot coding toy: It's no secret that the ability to code is quickly becoming a hot commodity, so why not give your kids a headstart.

The Root Robot helps children understand the basics of coding using graphical blocks that teach the essential logic skills of coding. Higher levels teach computational fluency and the structure and syntax of professional coding languages like Python, JavaScript and Swift.

The Root robot will respond to the code your kids write by drawing, playing music, scanning and making games. The little robot will drive on a flat surface and climb up and down on magnetic surfaces like whiteboards.

The Root Robot retail price is $199.