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14 ways you can make money staying at home
Use your fashion expertise or perfect handwriting skills to make money without taking off your bunny slippers. - photo by Melinda Fox
Just because you're unable to commit to an office job doesn't mean you can't rake in the big bucks.

You can earn money no matter what time, skills, or intererests you have. The best part? You can work in the comfort of your pajamas and socks, if you like.


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a company that offers personal styling to clients by sending indiviually curated boxes of clothes to their homes monthly. By committing to work at least 15 hours a week, you will be paid $15 an hour selecting outfits for clients.


Sometimes Teespring hires people to design t-shirts right in their own homes.



Put your camera to good use by selling your photography to Shutterstock. They start paying at .25 cents per photo, but you could earn up to $120 for each photo.


This stock photo company pays photographers 20% to 63% of the sale.

Graphic Design


At Logoworks you will be designing logos and websites.



Get paid to analyze sports right in your own home with Hudl.



If you have great handwriting, you'd be a great employee at Aria doing things like writing out thank you notes. There's great benefits like a 401(k).


Focus Groups

Focus Groups are a great way to earn money by trying out new products or talking about your views. Many opportunities are available remotely.


Demand Studios

Demand Studios hires freelance writers to write short articles, usually in the how-to format. For each article that's roughly 150 words, writers make between $7.50 and $20.00.


Scripted connects freelance writers and editors with clients. Pay varies per assignment.


Word on the street is that Skyword pays their writers extremely well, some jobs paying up to $100 an article.


UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group hires nurses who can telecommute or, in some cases, visit people in their homes.

Customer Assistance


Working for Amazon you would be taking calls to assist customers. They pay at least $10 an hour. There's even a possibility of benefits.


Apple hires advisors, managers, and customer service representatives that can all work from home. As an employee, you will be elligible for product discounts and paid time away.

Search Engine Evaluation


This company hires people to evaluate content on the internet and its revelance to specific search terms.


At this company you have to take a test to qualify, but employees report that once you're hired, there's always plenty of work.


The stay-at-home positions offered by Lionbridge are expansive. Besides the expected job search evaluation, you could assess ads or spelling.



Tutors at Brainfuse assist students from grades 3 to 12. Tutoring is available 7 days a weeks, but scheduling is very flexible. Tutors earn $7 an hour for time they spend waiting for students, and $10 an hour for the time they're actually teaching.

These tutors get paid rougly $10 an hour during tutor sessions and half that while waiting for appointments. Full time employees are offered a wide range of benefits from dental to gym discounts.


Time Etc.

Much like working as an assistant in office, the tasks of a virtual assistant are all over the place. You could do anything from scheduling appointments, to writing blog posts. Virtual assistants earn between $11 and $16.

Worldwide 101

This virtual assistant company has very flexible hours, and you get paid $15 to $20 an hour. They match their clients' needs with your abilities and have a supportive team.

Test Scoring


At Pearson you can find jobs scoring tests at home. You get paid over $10 an hour.



Get paid $20 for each audio hour by just writing out what you hear at TranscribeMe.

Focus Forward

At Focus Forward you can get paid $9 for every 15 minutes of audio transcribed and over double that amount if you transcribe in a foreign language.