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15 signs you are lucky to be married to a man like your husband
If he does these things, you're a lucky woman. - photo by Melinda Fox
It's easy to forget how good you've got it, so here's a little reminder for ya.

You're lucky if...

1. He puts you first (even before himself)

Even though he's crazy about his kids, even though his mom is important to him and even though he takes his work responsibilities seriously, you are always at the top of his priority list.

2. He knows what you like

He gives you the piece of pizza with extra tomatoes because he knows you like it that way, and holds your feet because he knows they get cold super fast.

3. He looks at you, and only you

You can't quite put your finger on it, but there's something special about the way he looks at you. You also know he'll be loyal, no matter what.

4. He keeps you on your toes

Spontaneity makes life together wonderful.

5. He lets you be you

He's not in the business of changing you because he's crazy about your positive qualities and accepts your weaknesses (because you're worth it).

6. He's in love with your kids

Being a dad is the joy of his life. He'll get up at four in the morning to cheer in the rain at a cross-country meet or just to change a diaper because he loves his kids.

7. You miss him when he's gone

Sure, you can be apart and not fall apart, but you like being with him the best.

8. He makes "boring stuff" fun

Even if you're just filling the tires with air, you're having a grand ol' time because you're together.

9. He makes you feel loved

Even without grand gestures, he makes you feel like an important person.

10. He keeps wooing you

You're married, but that doesn't mean he's stopped trying to win your heart. You're lucky to be married to a man who recognizes the effort marriage takes and continues to work at your relationship.

11. He believes in your dreams

Even if you think your goals aren't possible, he believes in them because he believes in you.

12. He says, "I love you"

He doesn't keep you guessing. He wants to make sure you know.

13. He makes you want to be the very best

You are always trying to be better, not because he's pressuring you, but because his example makes you want to be the very best.

14. He works hard

Whether it's with chores around the house or at the office, he gives 100 percent.

15. He makes life good

Just having him in your life makes it that much better.