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16 WEIRD gifts under $25 that every man SECRETLY wishes his wife would buy him
You'll definitely win "Best Wife of the Year" for the rest of your life with these wacky gift ideas! - photo by Alex Phippen
As a guy, I've recently come to understand one universal truth: the majority of women HATE shopping for men.

Many wives would place trying to find that "perfect" gift for their husband in the same category as attempting to build a cold fusion energy catalyzera seemingly impossible task.

It's just not fair, right? He makes gift giving look effortless while you're lying awake at night racking your brain.

So, what do you get the man who has nothing, but likes everything (which pretty much sums up all husbands everywhere)?

Here are 16 things under $25 that will rock his world and make him think you are the coolest wife ever. He's secretly been wanting at least one of these items for his entire life, no matter how ridiculously absurd some of them may seem.

*Though somewhat unbelievable, these are all real items.

1. Portable thumb wrestling ring

He's always challenging you to thumb wrestling matches so why not make it official? Now you can. This portable thumb wrestling ring can be taken anywhere and comes in a variety of colors. May the best thumb win.

2. Russian roulette water balloon revolver

Are your date nights getting a little too pricey? Problem solved. Your man, along with every 5-year-old, will absolutely love this gift. He'll want to spend hours with you seeing who has the unlucky trigger finger as you pass the water balloon revolver back and forth.

3. Hand held head massager

Nothing will help your husband de-stress after a long day of work like this hand held scalp massager. This little metallic head spider is proven to increase circulation and provide deep relaxation. And guess who gets to use it when he's not home? That's right, have at it.

4. Wild animal beef jerky pack

If your husband is a hunter or likes meat then he'll salivate at the sight of this tantalizing treat. Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Jerky Sampler Gift Pack comes with 10 pieces of jerky, one from each of these wild beasts: ostrich, alligator, buffalo, deer, wild boar, antelope, duck, elk, pheasant, and kangarooall of which probably taste like chicken.

5. Bluetooth sunglasses

The future is here. Bluetooth sunglasses are a must-have for your technology-driven man. Both stylish and practical, these polarized lenses come with HI-FI earphones built directly onto the frames. This hi-tech eyewear works on all Bluetooth mobile phones and contains a rechargeable lithium battery. Now you can call your husband while he's mowing the lawn and he doesn't even have to turn the mower off. Incredible.

6. LED light up shoe laces

Does your husband light up the room whenever he comes in? Well now his shoes will match his awesome personality. These LED light up laces have three flash lighting modes and undoubtedly scream, "Look at me, I'm amazing!"

7. Mini stealth universal remote

This is the most amazing invention to hit key chains since pepper spray. This mini universal remote works on 500 different television brands. Your guy can use it at restaurants, the gym, the doctor's office or anywhere else that has a TV. It also provides an endless source of hilarious pranks.

8. Cupcake flavored toothpaste

You'll probably want your husband to brush his teeth after he scarfs down all of that wild game jerky. The best part is that he'll actually enjoy it because he has cupcake flavored toothpaste! He might even drop a few pounds while still being able to feed his obsession for sweets.

9. Prism glasses

If you don't think your honey would "see" the value in Bluetooth sunglasses then try these sweet specs. The prism glasses allow the user to read or watch TV while lying flat on their back. Great for those men with stiff necks or other back problems.

10. Venus fly trap

This is one of those things your husband has secretly wanted his entire life. It all started as a 10-year-old when he saw a real venus fly trap on the Discovery Channel. He's wanted one of these sinister plants ever since. Think about it. It's cheaper than a dog and doesn't require near as much attention.

11. Creepy Coin Bank

The name literally says it all. #socreepy

12. Money Soap Bar

This is an idea so ingenious that your husband won't even be offended if you give it to him as a gift. Concealed within the middle of each money bar soap is a bill so your guy has an extra incentive to finish the whole thing.

13. iPhone dock fan

iPhones can do just about anything so it's no surprise that there exists an iPhone dock fan. Now your husband can easily cool off without freezing you out of the house.

14. Drinking fountain sink transformer

Men drinking from the faucet is one of the leading causes of marital stress among couples everywhere. OK not really, but this is the perfect gift if you cant stand your man drinking from the sink. This little rubber tap will instantly transform almost any sink with a straight spout into a personal drinking fountain.

15. Transformers 32 GB USB flash drive

Speaking of transforming, this is the coolest memory stick ever. It literally changes into a transformer right before your eyes. Your husbands friends at work will all be jealous when he rolls in with this bad boy.

16. Inflatable unicorn horn for cats

Though in denial, you've know for quite some time nowyour husband is constantly tormenting your cat every time you turn your back. Spare Mr. Meow by giving your husband this inflatable unicorn horn. He can put it on the cat and laugh hysterically without resorting to other methods of feline humiliation.

There you have it. These are the 16 things every husband secretly wishes his wife would buy him. Now you don't have to lose anymore sleep trying to come up with gift ideas for your manunless of course he wears his LED shoelaces to bed because he thinks they're so cool. Good luck.