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3 legit reasons you need to have kids
If you're sitting on the fence about having children, or you're firmly on the "no kids" side of the line, reconsider. Here are three reasons why. - photo by Burkley Rudd
I took a longer and harder road to fatherhood than I probably needed to. I went into the idea kicking and screaming; but thank heaven my wife wanted to be a mother, and wanted me to be a father -- more than I did.

Any rebellion I had for the idea left after the miscarriage. Since the successful birth of my boy, I've learned three reasons every husband and wife MUST have children:

1. They're fantastically fun

Having children join your family introduces a whole new universe of what fun is and can be. In the early years this is really simple fun, like listening to them yodel, bouncing them on your knee, making them laugh until it hurts. In later years, you will appreciate going to their activities, vacationing with them or just talking at home. Children are so fun to have around.

2. The world needs them

The place we call home can be cruel. If you're looking for something negative, you'll only need to search for a few seconds before getting more than you bargained for. A new baby brightens a home and combats the ugliness of the world like nothing else I have ever seen. I'm amazed how the joy of children cuts through whatever trouble happens to be floating around, from deep financial struggle to death in the family. Children are not just for you to raise; they bless everyone they meet.

3. You need them

Having children is like building a new wing onto a house, and wondering how you ever got along without those extra rooms. Without them, you might stay a two-bedroom townhouse your whole life, never knowing how much more you can be. Your kids bring out and demand the best of you. Your imperfections tend to fall away as you continually put yourself aside and give to them.

Those who have tried and cannot have children earn the honorable exception to this rule. But those who have every ability to bring children into the world and choose not to have denied themselves a great deal. It seems much, much too often those who want children can't have them, and those that have children don't want them.

If I came to your door with a box of donuts you had never tried, and I told you how brilliant and delicious they were, would you take my word for it?

Would you believe me?

What if I offered you one?

Would you take one?

Parenthood is the best donut I've ever had; but you'll never know that unless you try it for yourself.