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5 reasons why I stand in awe of most men
Men have qualities that deserve our recognition and gratitude. They are often inspiring and we are blessed to have them in our lives. - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
First of all, Im a woman who needs to rant for a minute about how I think men get the raw end of the deal in many commercials and sitcoms. They too often come across as bumbling idiots, saved only by a brilliant female. Be assured, this isnt meant to put down women. On the contrary, women are equally remarkable. It just grates on me to see men disparaged and viewed as incompetent.

Here are five reasons why I think men are amazing. This is about ordinary men who often do extraordinary things, because they care about the people in their lives.

1. They show up to do hard things.

Recently our son and his wife came home to five inches of water throughout their entire basement. A sprinkler broke and poured water in through windows all day while they were at work. With the exception of one storage room, all rooms were fully carpeted. They had just moved in a few weeks prior, and as a result, many cardboard boxes had not yet been unpacked and put away. Everything was soaked with muddy water.

Hearing of the need, the men in their new neighborhood quickly came to the rescue. They brought water pumps, water vacs, brooms, shovels and fans. We saw incredible results as these menpractically strangerscame to the rescue. It took a few hours before all the water was out and dripping-wet boxes and other items were handed out through window wells to be sorted through later. They tore out carpet and padding, all of which was completely ruined by the water. It was a heartbreaking and yet heartwarming sight to see. They worked until the job was done, were profusely thanked by our son, his wife and us, and simply said, Youre welcome. Glad to help.

Men have big hearts that swing into gear when they see a need.

2. They can lift heavy loads.

God made men strong and most women appreciate that fact. Im reminded of a time when a friend and I were presenting a workshop in an unfamiliar town. We pulled up to the church where we were going to be speaking, opened the trunk to unload boxes of brochures and supplies and began to lift out the boxes. Our husbands, who were not with us, had carried them to the car. When we went to lift them out, we couldnt do it. We stood there dumbfounded as to what to do. Those sponsoring our workshop had not yet arrived. We had come early to set everything up. We tugged and pulled but to no avail. We could not lift those boxes up and out of the trunk.

Two men at a nearby business saw our predicament. They came over. Would you ladies like our help? In a flash, they lifted the boxes out and took them in for us. We thanked them for coming to our rescue and counted it a blessing that good men like that were there when we needed them.

3. They will risk life and limb to protect their family and others.

We recently read about a man who lost his life rescuing his family from their burning house. He got them to safety, but he didnt make it when he went back in to rescue his youngest child and a tenant in the upper apartment. Firefighters saved the child, but the father and the tenant didnt make it. This man gave his life for his family and a neighbor. Men have it in them to risk their lives for others.

Its born in them to protect those they love. I have a cousin who devotes his life to caring for his invalid wife. In her earlier years, she bore him five children who are now grown and gone from their home. He accepts this responsibility with uncomplaining kindness to the love of his life.

We see men doing less demanding, everyday tasks. They rush to help carry in the heavy bags of groceries. They willingly lift the furniture into place when we want to make a change. Many times my husband has held an umbrella so I wouldnt get wet. Or drive me close to a door to let me out while he parks the car. In every case, I recognize that hes protecting me. Good men are like that.

4. They work long hours to feed their family.

I see our three sons working hard to provide for their families. Some work two jobs to make ends meet. They dont complainthey just do it. They saw their father do it all their growing up years. They are not alone. In our neighborhood, I see men driving to work daily, off to earn a livingmany so their wives can be stay-at-home moms. They do what it takes to make sure their family is taken care of.

5. They roughhouse with their kids.

Dads play differently than moms. They lift their kids up on their shoulders, they spin them around, they wrestle with them on the floor. They hear their little ones laugh and say, Again, Daddy! Again! Its an important element in their childs development. (Read more about roughhousing here.)

It warms my heart to see how men do what needs to be done. I could name equally awe-inspiring tasks that women do, but this is about men. I admire them and appreciate what they do. Most of them got the message and are doing it well. So now when I see one of those denigrating-men commercials, I simply change the channel.