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6 easy ways to get yourself drinking more water and the amazing health benefits that will happen
Drinking water doesnt have to be a chore with these tips. - photo by Kristina Tieken
Drinking loads of water always feels like such an inconvenience; however, if you dont do it, you will die. That sounds a little extreme, but its true! You should be drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces a day to receive proper hydration and see health benefits.

Here are six ways to make drinking water easier:

1. Infuse or flavor your water

Water is tasteless and boring (unless you live in the city, then it just tastes gross). Try a combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs immersed in icy cold water for a full new flavor or try a flavored water enhancer. Staying hydrated is easy with no calorie, flavor busting water.

Click here for instructions and recipes on infusing your water.

Health benefit: Lemon and other fruit infused water helps aid digestion, prevents UTIs and bad breath, builds immunity and increases overall health.

2. Eat food with a higher water content

Tired of trying to drink enough water to stay hydrated? Try eating your water. Fruits and veggies like cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, berries, grapefruit, zucchini, celery and watermelon contain about 90 percent water per volume.

Health benefit: Water helps fill your stomach so you can avoid over-eating, which causes weight gain. Therefore, digesting more water helps with your weight loss efforts.

3. Carry a water bottle and make a drinking schedule

Buy a nice water bottle that you love. It may sound silly, but if you make an investment in a water bottle you really like youll be more inclined to use it. Look for an average size that wont be overwhelming to drink from.

Purchase a bottle with a drinking schedule on the side or draw your own. This will help you keep track of how much you are drinking. Guzzling water once or twice a day will run right through you and do nothing. Sipping throughout the day will actually hydrate you, so pace yourself.

Health benefit: Water intake increases the oxygen flow. Proper oxygen circulation can help you avoid headaches and muscle pain. Water and oxygen increase also relieves joint pain by rehydrating and softening the cartilage.

4. Start first thing in the morning

Rehydrating first thing in the morning helps your body operate and sets a good water-drinking habit to follow for the rest of your day.

Health benefit: Water first thing in the morning will kick start your metabolism and help maintain a healthy weight. It will also clear your skin by flushing toxins out of your body leaving you with glowing, beautiful skin.

5. One-for-one policy

If you are a soda or other beverage drinker, have a one-for-one rule so every cup of soda you drink is flushed through with a cup of water. If you must order a drink when going out, always ask for a water too.

Health benefit: Only ordering water when you go to restaurants will save you calories and cash (since most places offer free water).

6. Try an app or make it a game

Have a competition with your buddies to see who can drink the most water throughout the day, or try an app on your phone that will remind you to keep drinking. Having a support system or reminder will keep you going strong.

Health benefit: A study showed that dehydration is associated with a negative mood, fatigue and confusion. Staying hydrated boosts your mood and makes you more positive and alert. Your friends and family will like being around you more if youre in a good mood.

I used to dread drinking water. Peeing every 30 minutes was annoying and frustrating. I started realizing the more I had to go, the better I felt. Since then, sipping water has become part of my daily routine. I welcome the quick trips to the bathroom, because it gets me moving and allows for a quick break from what Im doing.

The overall health benefit to drinking water: you will feel great (and lose weight)!