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7 stupid things some husbands do and they don't even know it
Heres an eye opener to help husbands see some changes they need to make to keep their marriage strong and rewarding. - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
Before you men get your noses out of joint, be assured that the follow-up article to this will be about the stupid things wives do. But for now, its about you. Pay attention, husbands, and you just might discover a few things that could make your marriage better than you dreamed possible. Hold on tight, were about to take off on what might be a painful journey of realization. On the other hand, you might be one of the good guys who doesnt fit this mold. If you are, your wife is a lucky woman. Either way, we hope youll go through this list and see where you fit. Good luck. Here we go:

1. You dont appreciate what your wife does

You work hard but fail to recognize all your wife does. She works hard, too. Start noticing. If shes employed and contributing to the family income, express your gratitude for her contribution. Look around your house and notice things that get done. There is no magical genie that does itits your wife. If shes fortunate enough to be at home with the kids, express your gratitude for that. Its not an easy job but is vitally important to the welfare of your kids. Start noticing and let her know youre noticing.

2. You dont thank your wife

Maybe you do look around and see what she does but fail to let your wife know that you are noticing. Open your mouth and let those Thank you, honey comments out. Thinking them and not expressing them falls into the stupid category. The only way she will know you are grateful for what she does is if she hears the words.

And be specific. Dont just say, Good job, honey. Thats lame. If shes good at budgeting the family funds, tell her what a good money manager she is and how much you appreciate her. When you see her folding the laundry, tell her thanks for taking care of the family clothes. When you see her helping your children with their homework, say, Thanks for helping the kids, honey. Theyre lucky to have a mom like you. Whatever it is, be specific when you thank her.

3. You dont pitch in

Its great to thank your wife, but its even better to follow up by pitching in and helping her. While youre thanking her for taking care of the laundry, help fold the clothes and match those errant socks. Then help put them away, enlisting the kids help. Be the helpful parent who also sits with the kids as they work out their math problems or other homework.

Look around and see what needs to be done around home. Youre not one of the kids who needs to be assigned a task. This is your home, too. Take responsibility in seeing what needs to be done and do it. If your wife makes a special request, do it as soon as you can. An unfulfilled to-do list will only grow and cause irritation in a marriage.

4. You think the money is yours because you earned it

Once you marry, your income becomes the family income. You need to work with your wife in planning how it is to be spent. Your opinion about it is not the only one that matters. Hers is of equal value. Together you can work on a plan that fulfills not only the familys needs, but hers and yours. When she knows you respect and acknowledge her needs she will return the favor.

5. You dont apologize when youve done something hurtful

Its a wise man who learns how to say Im sorry and really mean it. For less serious indiscretions this will usually do the trick. However, if its a serious transgression it will take far more than one apology. To know you are truly repentant she needs to hear you asking for her forgiveness and expressing your sorrow for your actions several times. What she doesnt need to hear is I said Im sorry. What more do you want? That shows insensitivity on your part. Be patient while her heart heals. And above all, make no excuse for your misbehavior. Show your apology is sincere by never doing the hurtful thing again.

6. You stick yourself in front of the TV and stay there

Its OK to watch a little television, but when you do it at the expense of your wife and kids, that doesnt work. They need your interaction. They need you to be present in body and mind. Ask them questions about their day and listen. Look at them when they talk to you. If youre staring at the boob-tube while their sharing thoughts with you that shows them that you dont really care. Shut off the TV and turn around. Be with them. Thats how they and your wife know you care.

7. You dont talk much

Being the strong silent type isnt appealing. Dont be one of those men who wont take at least a few minutes and share your thoughts with your wife. She needs to hear about your day. If youve had a hard day tell her about it. She doesnt need to fix anything. She just needs to know what youre going through and give you the loving support you need, whether you acknowledge that need or not. If you had a great day let her know what made it great. Sharing and rejoicing together is how love grows. Open up your mouth and contribute to a conversation with the one you love.

These are only a few things to help you be the man of your womans dreams. Now is the time to eliminate the stupid and make her dreams come true.