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9 mini-traditions that will bring your family together
The family fun won't stop with these 10 easy family traditions. - photo by Courtnie Erickson
A family that plays together stays together, isnt just a popular saying, it is true. When you do things together as a family, you build friendships and create memories that will last even when those hard times come. And you dont have to plan big events either. You can create small family traditions that will last through the years and be something your children look forward to.

Here are 9 mini-traditions that take little time but create something powerful:

1. Afternoon at the park

This is the perfect idea for a family with younger children. Choose one day a week and designate it Park Day. In the afternoon or evening, spend an hour at the park. You can choose a different park each time or one your family loves.

2. Sunday popcorn

This is a family tradition I grew up with and still love. Every Sunday night my mom makes a huge bowl of popcorn and we eat it together as a family. Some Sunday evenings we eat it watching movies, other nights we sit in the living room or out on the patio and talk while enjoying our popcorn.

3. Bedtime routine

Choose a specific bedtime routine that works for your kids and stick to it. But go one step farther both you and your spouse put your children to bed together. Your kids will begin to look forward to this time alone with both parents and your dread of putting kids to bed will disappear. You can enjoy bedtime activities such as read stories, sing songs, ask your child questions, say prayers or lie next to one another and snuggle.

4. Birthday celebrations

As your children grow up, make birthdays a big deal. It is fun as a parent to see the excitement in your childs eyes, not only for presents but for a day all about them. Decorate your childs bedroom door with balloons, streamers and their favorite candy. Let your child choose his or her favorite meals for the day or take them out to their favorite restaurant. If possible, plan several of their favorite activities, such as going to a park, going swimming, watching their favorite movie, etc.

5. Taco Tuesday

Every Tuesday night for dinner, eat tacos. Kids will come to expect the meal each week and it will make your weekly meal planning easier.

6. Camping adventures

Make a habit to frequently get out of the house and unplug together as a family. During the summer, designate specific weekends each month like the first weekend of the month and go to a new camping spot. Spend time fishing, playing card games, telling stories around the campfire. You will learn a lot about one another when your faces arent hiding behind a smartphone or television screen.

7. One-on-one date nights

Make time for each child and let them know how important he or she is to you. Each month take each child out on a date. Take them to dinner or lunch and then let them choose an activity. This is a great way for them to feel special and for you to really get to know each one.

8. Family councils

Family councils are a powerful way for you to discuss problems and concerns as a family. You can discuss needs and worries you have for specific family members or your entire family. You can also discuss any upcoming events or challenges you may face as a family. These family meetings dont have to take long but they should be held frequently, whether on a weekly, or at a minimum, monthly basis.

9. Celebrate obscure holidays

Did you know there are random holidays such as National Pancake Day, National Ice Cream Day and even National Log Cabin Day? Every month, find one or two of these obscure holidays that you can celebrate. Celebrations dont have to big events. For National Pancake Day, enjoy pancakes for dinner and go out for ice cream or have a fun ice cream bar on National Ice Cream Day. Find a few obscure holidays your family would love to celebrate and be creative. The possibilities are endless.

When you do the small things and you do them frequently, those are memories your children will remember. Those moments will help your family draw closer and stay together.