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As they stand at the altar the groom asks the bride to step aside (and asks one of the wedding party
He had planned to make vows to someone else. - photo by Melinda Fox
Alone, Janna was shoveling snow off her driveway when a man named Clifton drove up and offered to help. Clifton's sweet act of service was the beginning of their love story.

But Janna was a package deal. When Clifton offered to help her on that snow-filled day, Janna was raising 3-year-old Jayda. But Clifton instantly gave his heart to Jannas daughter as well.

In fact, when Jaydas biological father passed away three years after Janna and Clifton began dating, Clifton played a big role in helping Jayda recover from the tragedy. For example, he took both Janna and Jayda to Florida to clear their heads with the sun and sea. He took Jayda out for a day of exploring, for just the two of them. When she was reunited with her daughter, Janna was delighted to see Jayda recovering from the absence of her biological father, and seeing Clifton act as a father figure in her life.

So, it shouldnt be a surprise that on Clifton and Jannas wedding day, Clifton recognized the responsibility his vows had in relation to his bride, Janna, and Jayda as well. Before saying his wedding vows, Clifton asked his bride to step aside, and Jayda came forward.

Clifton promised Jayda he would always love her, always protect her, to teach her the morals his parents taught him and to help her mother raise her to be a beautiful woman just like her.

Janna said, It was at that point that I realized this wonderful man is 10 times the man I thought he was.

As Jayda turned to leave the altar, Clifton surprised her with a 14-karat white gold diamond ring of her own to remind her that she always has "daddy in her own heart. He then sealed the deal with a pinky promise.

Clifton showed that his marriage committment wasn't just about becoming a husband, but about becoming a father as well. Regarding Clifton's promise to Jayda, Janna said, He always knew that I was a package deal, and Jayda was always my number one. Now, she is both of our number ones, and I couldnt be happier to say that.