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Celebrate America's birthday month with these TV shows set in areas from coast to coast
If you want to show your patriotism while maintaining couch potato status, check out this map of the United States via the best TV shows set in each region. - photo by Amanda Taylor
TV LAND Many of us fired up the grill and lit fireworks (where they're still legal) to celebrate Americas birthday this month, but the hottest time of the year might require a little inside time.

If you want to show your patriotism while maintaining couch potato status, we've mapped out the United States via the best TV shows set in each region.

The Northeast

Probably the best show about New York City today is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It stars Ellie Kemper as a woman who was kidnapped and kept in an underground bunker for years before she broke out and moved to the Big Apple.

She doesnt live in a questionably large and luxurious apartment, but rather a dingy basement with her odd friend Titus Andromedon. But Kimmy still has that classic "anything can happen here" NYC spirit.

The fourth season of the show is available now on Netflix.

If you want to watch a show set in our nations capital in and around TV politics, Scandal is a perfect place to go. Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, a political crisis management expert who works with Washington's biggest (fictional) names.

The espionage and romance might be a little more glamorous than the actual Washington, D.C., but hey its supposed to be, right? The series is available now on Netflix.

The West

The surreal murder mystery Twin Peaks has a lot of elements that give it its signature spooky vibe, but none more so than its gorgeous Pacific Northwest backdrop. The forests and waterfalls that set the stage for solving Laura Palmers murder will make you want to book a trip.

The first two seasons of the show are available now on Netflix.

Since its literally in the name, The O.C. is a pretty perfect representation of southern California life. The popular primetime soap opera features sailing, surfing, eating at The Crab Shack and seeing all the best bands perform before anyone else knows theyre cool sounds like California.

The series is available on Hulu and Amazon.

The South

Set in Music City itself, Nashville gives a behind-the-scenes look at what can go on in the lives of country music stars. With a non-stop soundtrack of catchy country hits, its a show for anyone who has ever wished they had a dog and a truck to sing about.

The show is in its final season on CMT.

The high school football drama Friday Night Lights has a repeated motto Texas Forever which fairly sums up the passion Texans feel for their home state. In a town where high school football and good barbecue rule, they have everything they need.

Watch episodes on Amazon Prime, YouTube and iTunes.

The midwest

All about employees working in a big box store, the comedy Superstore keeps the laughs coming while accurately depicting everyday life for those making ends meet in St. Louis, Missouri. Theyre just regular people, with regular jobs.

Watch early seasons of the show on NBC, YouTube, Google Play and Amazon. The show's fourth season begins October 4th on NBC.

The kids at William McKinley High in the dramedy-musical "Glee" cant wait to leave Ohio which is probably relatable to some of the population living in the middle of the country. But they have a decent bowling alley and a great school auditorium, so theyre occupied, for now.

The show's six seasons are available on Netflix.