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Elderly Texas couple calls Chick-fil-A for help and receive two Jet Skis with a side of safety
The Texas elderly couple found themselves trapped inside their home after Hurricane Harvey barreled through the state. - photo by Herb Scribner

One image you probably didn’t think you’d see in the aftermath of the Houston storm: a grandma on a Jet Ski.

But that’s exactly what happened to Karen and J.C. Spencer.

The elderly Texas couple found themselves trapped inside their home after Hurricane Harvey barreled through the state, leaving thousands of people stranded. Cleanup efforts just getting underway.

So the Spencers reached out to a place they frequented for help — the local Chick-fil-A, according to ABC News.

The manager sent them a Jet Ski, along with two heroes, Keith Christensen and Winston Savice Jr.

"Thank you," J.C. Spencer told the two saviors. "You're a hero."

J.C. Spencer said the moment calling Chick-fil-A was hilarious to him.

"We had to get out of there so I called Chick-fil-A, now that sounds kind of funny," J.C. Spencer said in an interview on "Good Morning America" Wednesday. "I ordered two grilled chicken burritos with extra egg and a boat. And can you believe that one of the managers of Chick-fil-A, she sent her husband to pick us up and we are so grateful."

Spencer said the two Jet Ski riders arrived shortly after, bringing the couple to higher ground.

Karen Spencer can’t believe it happened.

"I can't believe I'm leaving my flooded house in a Jet Ski," she told ABC News.

Humans helping humans has been one of the emerging stories from the storm that’s ravaged through Houston.

As the BuzzFeed reported, Texas residents have had to rely on the help of their neighbors, as law enforcement and search and rescue teams deal with an abundance of calls.

Locals have used their own boats to head out and save lives, according to the Deseret News.