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Every mom MUST own these 8 products (according to real parents)
These parents reveal the products that make their lives so much easier. - photo by Melinda Fox
This article contains links to products that parents are obsessed with. We think you'll be crazy about these products as well. Just so you know, if you buy something, FamilyShare may get a cut of the revenue (with no cost to you).

In the age of the internet, your options on baby products are essentially limitless. So how do you choose what to buy? Go to the people who know: parents. Even though you have your own arsenal of parent people to give you advice, we decided to make that whole process easier and give you a round-up of what our parent people have to say.

Here are eight things REAL PARENTS don't think you should live without:

1. Swaddle Me Swaddles

"Swaddle me swaddles!!! They are Velcro so they are super easy to get undone and back together when you are up in the middle of the night with baby. They also helped baby sleep like a champ those first couple of months." - Katelyn Vidmar

Buy a 3 pack for $22.49

2. Rock 'n Play Sleeper

"This was a life saver for the first two months of my daughter's life. She slept in it all the time. What's nice is it has settings to rock automatically, play three different music tunes with a wide range of volumes, vibrates, and has blue tooth for your phone to control it while you stay in bed... Instead of purchasing a bouncy chair and swing I just purchased this. It folds up so nicely and tiny at the press of a button so it's great for smaller places and easy to take traveling!" - Kim Jones Coral

Buy it here for $79.52

3. Backpack diaper bag

"With 2 babies, a BACKPACK diaper bag. There just arent enough hands in my life any more." - Josie Hunt Potter

We recommend these ones that have all the right pockets (plus are super cute):

  • Huluwa Diaper Bag
Buy it here for $37.99

  • Kaydee Diaper Bag
Buy it here for $44.99

  • Lekebaby Expandable Bag
Buy it here for $49.99

4. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger System

"Originally I wanted a stroller that had 4 wheels and were those little plastic things. My husband and friend convinced me a jogger stroller was the way to go because the wheels handle on grass, gravel, wood chips, basically all terrain. It's amazing. My stroller never has a problem going over anything because of the bicycle-like wheels. Think of strollers like this like 'all terrain 4-wheel drive.' Also, the turn radius is amazing so I don't have to worry about being so awkward moving around in stores or tight spaces." - Kim Jones Coral

Buy it here for $179.00

5. Baby sling

"I love using a baby sling. It keeps baby close I know she is OK. A baby is so much easier to carry than an awkward car seat with a baby in it. With a sling, you hands are free to do what you need to do and with practice you can even breastfeed discretely while carrying your baby in a baby sling. This wouldn't work for every baby, but we brought our baby to a musical in a slingshe was quiet the whole time. The people who sat next to us were so surprised after the show to see that we had a baby with us." - Susie Fox

Buy it here for $28.92

6. Joovy Roo Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame

"I'm a dad of twins ... The Joovy Roo Twin plus is the must have stroller for twins. It's not much more than a cart the stroller can click into, but it rocks ... It is compatible with most popular car seats and they click in and out. You can adjust which way (your kids) face. There's storage beneath and drink holders up front. It's easy to push around, and it folds up to fit in your trunk as well." - Eric Fuller

Buy it here for $119.99

7. 5 in 1 breastfeeding cover and trendy scarf

"I'm obsessed with this type of cover. It's 360 coverage so when I was learning how to nurse in public I didn't have to worry about flashing anyone, rolling up my shirt and having my back show, my daughter pulling it off, etc ... Also, it's great because it's multifunctional (which is what I try to look for in all of my baby product choices because it cuts down on cost and clutter). Whenever my daughter falls asleep in her car seat I put this over it and she's protected from the wind, rain, snow, and sun." - Kim Coral Jones

Buy it for $19.99

8. Nursing pillow

"A breastfeeding pillow is a must if you plan to breastfeed. It supports the baby at just the right height and makes it easier to relax so that your milk lets down and everyone is happier." - Susie Fox

Buy it for $19.99