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Have You Seen This? 110 jump ropes jumped for world record
A primary school girl in China completes more than 100 jumps over 110 simultaneously swinging jump ropes, and it is awesome. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE PLAYGROUND I have to admit that some Guinness World Records dont seem that impressive.

Frankly, its because people are doing things that are silly or weirdly time-consuming like time-consuming in a soul-crushing way.

That being said, there is always a part of me that is fascinated about how far other humans can push themselves and the weird ideas they come up with.

Now, if you want to break a record your go-to regular is Guinness World Records. On their YouTube channel, they post new world records on a regular basis, but that doesnt make past, unbroken records irrelevant.

This week, Guinness posted some classic world record-breaking footage from 2011 out of Beijing, China. For this record, a girl named Wang Zhuoxin from the Zhuang Central Primary School breaks the record for Most Ropes Skipped, according to Guinness website.

How does she do this, pray tell? Well, 55 of her classmates are gathered into two tight semicircles and they each swing two ropes (110 total). Not unlike a crew captain or an orchestra, there is a leader calling out timing and encouragement as the students shout along.

You may notice that Zhuoxin slightly flinches each time the ropes come around, and who can blame her? Being whapped with one rope can sting a little and be shocking, but having the weight of 110 ropes come down on you is quite another story.

Zhuoxin skips the massive wad of ropes 113 times before it crashes down onto her head. It is truly impressive. However, what caught my attention was something else. Between the sound of the ropes and the rhythmic chanting, I found the footage oddly satisfying and soothing.