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Have You Seen This? Baby's Christmas joy will make your day
You cant get mad at an early Christmas season when it comes in such an adorable package. - photo by Martha Ostergar
COSTCO Before you jump to the comments to get mad about Christmas in October, please give this incredibly happy video a chance.

Like it or not, many stores start selling Christmas items in October. Im sure this choice is highly researched with buying patterns, year-over-year numbers, profit margins and all the business-y things that go with it.

But Im not here to argue for or against early Christmas practices. What I am here to do is show you how a baby reacts to said early Christmas decora baby not yet affected by random opinions and consumerism and peer pressure. All this tot sees are bright lights, and all he hears is cheery music.

In the tweeted video, Hannah Law is taking her son on a tour of Costcos Christmas wonderland, and the sweet boy oohs and aahs and gasps his way through. Basically, he is completely overwhelmed with delight and wonder. And thats what Christmas decor is all about, no matter what time of year it is.

Now, if you truly feel the need, you can comment below about how everyone skips Halloween and Thanksgiving when they trot out Christmas too early and how it offends the core of your being. I cant stop you. But after the angry typing is over, maybe revisit the video and let the joy and wonder of a small child wash over you. Its my early Christmas gift to you.