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Have You Seen This? Boys rendition of Let it Go blows Idina Menzel away
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THE STAGE To anyone who says you should never meet your heroes, your hero probably isn't Idina Menzel. But she should be, as the kid in this video can probably testify.

The video was captured July 30 at the Dallas, Texas, stop of Menzel's "Idina" tour, and it's as sweet as it is impressive. Each night on her tour, Menzel has kids from the audience join her on stage to sing the popular "Frozen" hit, "Let it Go." On this particular night, she started chatting with one of the kids, Luke, and is immediately charmed by his excitement for the song.

"Let me just tell you what I've been through," Menzel tells Luke. "In the last month, I've gone to a couple cities and every time a boy comes up he tells me he doesn't really like the song."

"Heck to the no!" Luke responds with wide, shocked eyes and a level of sass befitting a future Broadway star.

Menzel hugs Luke, tries to calm his nerves (as he stands on stage in front of hundreds of people) and invites him to sing "Let it Go" with her. What happens next blows everyone away.

Luke bursts into song with a beautiful and powerful rendition of the song's chorus as the crowd screams and cheers just as loudly as they did for Menzel herself. When he finishes singing, Menzel is so impressed that she tells the crowd to quiet down so he can perform again and they can really listen this time.

In an interview, Menzel said she loves performing the song every night because it gives her a chance to connect with young people. "That makes me really proud. ... that I have a song and a character in a movie that is so powerful and really changes people," she told the Chicago Tribune.

I think it's clear that this song and Menzel's "Frozen" character connected with Luke, as they have with so many other kids (and adults!) since the movie was released, and it's heartwarming to watch Luke have this special moment with the longtime Broadway star.